Arlok ul-Dorn

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Arlok ul-Dorn Gossath ul Arangoth

Commissioned Painting of Arlok ul-Dorn, age 50
Vital Stats
Full Name: Arlok ul-Dorn
Place of Birth: Tagrana
Race: Human
Additional Information
Nickname: 'The Red'
Religion: Menxism
Occupation: Former King of Arangoth
Marital Status: Married to Queen Melinxa Swanneck

Character Background

For the complete tales of King Arlok and the origin of the Kingdon of Arangoth, see History of Arangoth.

Physical Description

Arlok ul-Dorn is of fine human stock, with red hair and blue eyes, hence his nickname, "The Red."

Talents, Skills, Quirks

The King is an excellent swordsman, an accomplished horseman, and an excellent hunter.

Other Information

Originally created and played by Pat Feaster