Darian River

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The Darian is Southern Arangoth's major river. Though it's not the largest river in the realm, it's a vital part of trade and agriculture around Transdariania and further inland. The Darian has two main sources: one in the Black Lagoon inside Elgar Forest and the other in the mountains of Ruthmarna. The Arangothian agricultural duchy of Transdariania takes its name from the river and Drache, the main setting city, Drache is built on the Darian's mouth.

Geographical Features

The heart of Drache stradles the mouth the Darian, surrounded by the city docks all along the waterfront. The area directly east of the mouth of the river is the reputable "BlkDragon District" -- and this is where some of the most important buildings of the city are located, the BlkDragon Inn included. There is also a public park, the "Forest Reserve," located between the river and the BlkDragon Inn, preserving a small segment of the woods that covered the whole area only a few years ago.

The western bank of the Darian used to be more sparsely inhabited than the east, however, over the years it has grown heavily in both population and infrastructure. Across from the BlkDragon District stands Western Drache, the Diplomatic District, and of course Castle Black, the official seat of the duchy's government head, the Sithire of Transdariania. North of this spot is the Mingit District, Elven Quarter, and the Ironworks District, which centers upon a large Transdariania Ironworks producing tools and weapons of various sorts.

North of Drache, the Darian flows through clusters of farms, ferry landings and small towns collectively called Transdariania. Going further upriver takes one straight to the foothills of Ruthmarna, where the river veers and two rivers converge into one. One of the branches comes from further north in Ruthmarna, where it thunders through perilous rapids. The other comes from the heart of the cursed Elgar Forest, the most dreadful place in the realm.