Forest Reserve

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The Forest Reserve
Geographical Information
Location: Between East and West Drache
Geographical Features: Drunk Dracheans
Significant Resources: Darian River
Region In: Arangoth


The Forest Reserve is only a forest in name, having shrunken bit by bit over the years, and is instead now a glorified, wooded city park meant to preserve a small percentage of natural resources the city has left. The slender swathe of greenery lines the eastern bank of the Darian River, and people who want to go back and forth between west and east Drache skirt the southern edge of it, or through its northern end in order to get to either the Iron Bridge or Folvaholk Bridge.

Most Notable Features

In its past, numerous strange events gave the Forest Reserve a reputation that could compete with the BlkDragon Inn. Hermits in ramshackle cabins and the growth of strange spires have been accounted during the Reserve’s wilder days, but now there aren’t many sections where isolation and solitude are possible. The Civic Guard frequently patrols the Reserve, as well.