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Racial Characteristics
Average Height: 3' - 4'
Hair Color: Normally Dark
Eye Color: Normally Dark
Other Information
Country of Origin: Orjana
Languages: Gnomeish Common
Major Religion: Spirits of the Land

Race Origins

The gnomeish people originated in Orjana and have since spread out over the world rather quickly. The gnome race is actually of elvish descent though the elves are a far more stately people. Because of the nature of their small stature these people very reasonably are shy and prone to avoid outsiders. Because of this aspect of their personalities the gnomeish people created colonies within the earth and rock, massive tunnels and cave systems mostly running underground though in current day the clans choose to live in the Cheremosh forest.


About two hundred years ago there was a fierce battle and a Griffon commander backed by leturians almost succeeded in taking most of Orjana. An alliance of the Orjani, elves, and dwarven clans eventually forced back the attack but in the meantime several magical war crimes were commited with lasting repercussions. The winter grove in Mytos K'unn ruptured and allowed the Spirit of Winter to run amok, nearly exterminating the gnome clans as well as the elven and dwarven clans. This near extermination drove the gnomes out of the tunnels and caves they had created and into the forests of Cheremosh were they live to this day, using the terrain to protect themselves and preventing another mass slaughter of their clans

Before the war, because of the seclusion of this people it was unlikely to meet with one outside of Orjana and even then rare to see one outside of the area its clan lived. After the move from the cave systems to the forests however the gnomeish people seemed to spread out even further and it is more likely that you might run into one in the world, though they still are shy and wary of strangers.


Gnomes are skilled in magical and non magical building, they are tinkerers and are extremely proud of the things that they make. Insulting a Gnome invention is the worst thing that can be done and if a Gnome feels their work is unappreciated they will stop trading with the individual at once. They are a proud people and tend to take very badly to any kind of criticism. Luckily though as a race they are rather skilled engineers, perfectionist, and because they are well suited to work together in groups and teams at a particular project, are efficient and quick to accomplish a goal.

Because of the intense level of pride that gnomes have in their work they are rather difficult to trade with, finding that offers for their products are usually too low because of the high value they place on each item. Going into a trade with a Gnome should be done carefully and caution should be taken to not undervalue their goods, as well as their labor.

The religion that most of the Gnome people follow are the follow of the Spirits of the Land, considering all natural things to be spiritual and that spirits of all kinds of power reside in natural things. Much of the goods that Gnomes make are created to bear homage to the nature of what it started as. For example a thing that is made out of wood would probably have rather elaborate carvings of trees or stone items would retain facets of the stone's original state.

Typical Racial Characteristics

Gnomes in general are short, light, and quick. Normally the features of these people are dark hair, dark eyes, and grow hair quickly and thickly so the men more often than not have long beards and long hair, the women normally allow their hair to grow long as well. When speaking technically about engineering they have a tendency to run on about things in a way that would leave most people confused.