House of Healing

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The House of Healing is a business meant to treat the ills and ailments of the people of Drache at a reasonable cost. They are somewhat of a charity organization as well, due to their waiving of fees for those that cannot afford them.

House of Healing
Slogan: Where healing hands treat great and small
Established In: 467
Location: BlkDragon District, Wharf District
Type of Business: Healing
Owner: Donnovath Braxalit
Notable Employees: Azalia Stygian, Hilde MacGowan


BlkDragon District Location

The first House of Healing is mid sized, one story building located in the BlkDragon District close to the BlkDragon Inn and the Civic Guardhouse. It's an unassuming building and without the painted sign of a pair of praying hands wreathed in gold stylized mist, the House of Healing might be totally overlooked. Double doors open to the inside foyer and waiting room, with a desk in the center manned by one of the apprentices at all hours of the day. Hallways flank either side of the desk, leading back towards the many treatment rooms and offices of senior healers. The room is paneled with warm oak and lined with wooden benches along the walls.

Behind the building is a sizable garden where the healers tend to their herbs.

Wharf District Location

The House of Healing located in the Wharf District just north of the Iron Gate. Much like the BlkDragon District location, it’s a single story building with a similar painted sign of praying hands in its golden mist. Its double doors are made of oak, burnished to a rich golden hue and bound in iron. The layout of the Wharf District location is much the same, with the reception desk and a small waiting room with wooden benches and chairs. Both hallways to the rear of the building lead to various treatment rooms and offices, as well as the small, lovingly tended garden. The Wharf District House’s garden isn’t quite as large as the main location’s, but still sees to the majority of the House’s needs.

Employee Uniforms

Employees are denoted by their sage green tunics. Most patients are treated by either a journeyman or master, with an apprentice or two in attendance.


The House of Healing offers a variety of services on a sliding scale based upon the patient's income. Life threatening injuries and emergencies are treated promptly, and if a patient is unable to afford payment, the treatment is free. Magical healing will be utilized to stabilize the most grievous of wounds. After a patient is stabilized, treatment turns to less magical means, and patients are treated utilizing herbcraft and mundane medicine. Speed healing is offered but at an inflated cost to compensate those magical healers that are putting forth the energy and time to speed heal a patient. Cosmetic healing of scars are also expensive, as they are judged not to be an emergency.