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Humans are a common race that interbreeds easily with other races, to the extent that the common term for bipedal creatures is "humanoid."

King Arlok, the preeminent human in Arangoth
Homo Sapiens
Racial Characteristics
Average Height: 5'-6'
Average Weight: 100-200 lbs
Hair Color: Shades of brown, black, blonde, and red
Eye Color: Shades of brown, blue, green, and gray
Other Information
Country of Origin: Many
Significant Populations: Arangoth, elsewhere
Languages: Arangothek Common
Major Religion: Menxism
Related Races: Arangothian - Assi - Etenari - Igmerinds - Korthai - Mingits - Najji - Nipangui - Rashnaditz - Teldanari - Trí Déag - Xiunlans

Race Origins



Typical Racial Characteristics

Humans are short-lived, but they possess incredible determination, endurance, and versatility. They breed quickly and, although they rarely have litters of more than two, they tend to populate an area to maximum saturation.