Isles of Myst

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The Isles of Myst
Country Information
Capital: Mysthaven
Ethnic Groups: Humans (predominantly), Dwarves, Elves
Government: Monarchy
Current Ruler: Queen Janessa Molentia

The Isles of Myst are an island kingdom off Arangoth's southern coast, ruled by Queen Janessa Molentia and her King Consort, Corvarath Paralor of the Alesian Imperium. The Isles have been on friendly terms with Arangoth for many years. Once a more feudal society, power has recently accrued in the hands of the popular queen.

The Isles are known for being the eye in the storm of warfare and chaos that had frequently enveloped the southern nations. Ever since the end of its own civil war over 80 years ago, Myst has been mostly peaceful and idyllic. Its central location in the South Sea has also made it an important entrepot for international traders.


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The modern kingdom of the Isles dates to the year 307, when Thalanthus Nypin landed a colonization expedition on the southern coast of the island near modern day Mysthaven. The new human settlement soon came into conflict with the Island's native elves, the Asidria. Thirty years of warfare ended with peace negotiations following the battle of Kislah, and a treaty called the Covenant of Myst. The treaty set boundaries for the human, elven, and dwarven nations on the island, and granted virtual autonomy to the dwarves and elves in return for levies of troops for the common defense of the island.

Notable Historical Figures

Thalanthus Nypin: An Arangothian mercenary captain and adventurer who founded the modern human kingdom.

Airethond Oaktree: Adaron, or King, of the elves.

Kirsah`Ilan Oaktree: Son of the Airethond, Kirsah`Ilan realized the futility of trying to drive the humans from the island in the later stages of the war and switched tactics to force the conflict with the humans to a stalemate.

Karan Auliath: The dwarven Archon who brokered the peace between the humans and elves to end the wars.

Geographical Features

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Like flawless emeralds set upon a bed of blue velvet, the Isles of Myst nestle together in the Southern Sea to the south and west of Drache. It is upon the main Isle that the bulk of known population resides as the three tiny sub-islands to the east of the main Isle remain relatively unexplored.

The main portion of the country ranges from rich, fertile grasslands and plains to soaring mountain peaks. The Red Forest in the northwest proves the ancient age of the country with many gigantic trees scattered throughout the woods. Home to several elegant Elven races, the Forest is also well-populated with a variety of wild creatures. As travelers journey southeast from the Red Forest, they may stumble upon a mysterious outcropping of ancient ruins, perpetually shrouded in mist. Known simply as The Ruins, Mystonian historians have been unable to uncover any information about the origins of this strange place. Tales are whispered that travelers venturing too near the site have often vanished into the night, never to be seen again.

Grasslands and rich loam form the central body of the main Isle, and it is here that extensive agricultural pursuits rise to the fore. Small farms share borders with larger estates, such as Brookshire Keep, and rich grains, meats, and dairy products from the central region are highly prized for their purity and quality. Further south, as the land begins to give way to ocean, the DragonMyst Inn lies amongst light forest. Owner Khelti Delah is fortunate in her choice of business locale as the Inn has access to not only the choicest of farm products, but to the freshest seafare as well.

The Key Peaks situated in the northeast region offer a breathtaking view for first-time visitors to the Isles. Its craggy bluffs and spectacular forests are awe-inspiring to mainlanders who enjoy nature's rugged, untamed beauty. Considered to be traditional territory for members of the Dwarven race, the Key Peaks are home to numerous mining operations and weapons-smithing.

Government and Politics

The Terms of the Covenant of Myst grant the human, elven, and dwarven nations of the Isles virtual autonomy in running their internal affairs.

Owing to the small size of the Isles, the King and Queen of the Isles take an active part in the day to day administration of the human kingdom, assisted by a staff of royal ministers.

The Elves of the Red Forest are ruled by the Adaron, advised by a council of elders from the noble elven families called the Elis`Ren. The Elis`Ren may propose legislation to the Adaron for consideration, and the Adaron consults with them for their advice before making any major decisions of state.

A council of four Archons governs the dwarven nation, representing different facets of dwarven society.

  • The August Archon is elected by the dwarven nobility and traditionally has authority over diplomacy with other nations.
  • The Valiant Archon is elected by dwarves who have done service in the military and leads the dwarven forces in times of war.
  • The Golden Archon is elected by the leaders of the trade guilds and oversees matters of commerce.
  • The Learned Archon is elected by clerics and scholars that preside over the dwarven legal system.

The four Archons serve rotating five year terms as the Ruling Archon, and the dwarves reckon their time by these twenty year cycles. The current Ruling Archon casts two votes in council sessions, thus it takes a unanimous vote by the other three to veto the Ruling Archon's measures.

Notable Government Officials

Janessa Molentia: Queen Regnant of the Isles of Myst. Queen Janessa ascended to the throne in the year 470 after the sudden death of her father, King Rennaltin II.

Corvarath Paralor: King of the Isles of Myst and Consort to the Queen. Corvarath is an Alesian Prince and son of the Alesian Emperor Glindor Paralor.

Lorelei Sentala: A half-elf and the Queen's personal secretary and Chief Minister.

Lauciian Oaktree: Son of Airethond and current Adaron of the elves, Lauciian ascended to the throne in the wake of his father's assassination. Lauciian views overseas trade as the key to a new era of strength and prosperity for his people.

Kirsah`Ilan Oaktree: Brother of Lauciian, and General of the Island's combined military forces. Kirsah`Ilan is the first elf to hold this position since the signing of the Covenant. As the hero of the war with the humans, Kirsah has long enjoyed great popularity among the Asidria. He married a human woman to signal his intent not to be a rival to his brother's position as ruler.



The two most common religions practiced among the human population of the Isles are Menxism and the Ellurian Religion, since most of Thalanthus Nypin's original soldiers and colonists were primarily of Arangothian and Tollorian origins. The Elves of the Red Forest worship a goddess named Liravanima or practice druidic nature worship.

Society and Peoples