Moons of Siveth

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The Moons of Siveth

Dilminth and Peralin
Geographical Information
Location: In the orbit of Siveth



Dilminth, or Green Lady, has the slower orbit of the two around the planet, which takes a single day to complete. Rising from the eastern sky and slowly making its way to the west through its climb on its five degree tilt. Its rotation takes 28 days to go from new moon to full, and rotates at the same rate it revolves around Siveth, which means the same unchanging face is always shown to the inhabitants on the surface of the planet. Stories tell that Dilminth is the mother of the smaller blue moon Peralin, and she slowly makes her way around him and the planet making sure they both stay out of trouble.

Peralin, or Blue Boy, is closer to the planet than Dilminth and has such a rapid transition that it fully orbits Siveth in 1/4th the time of its larger companion, whose path has no tilt, which also rises in the eastern sky and moves to the west. Due to its quick orbit some nights it has already made most of its journey before it's dark enough to see fully. Being close as it is also sometimes possible to see this moon in the day given clear skies. Rotating so the phases shift from new moon to full four times a month, it is a fast traveler in the night sky. Unlike its larger counterpart, Peralin does not rotate at the same rate it revolves around Siveth, meaning it constantly changes the face it shows to the surface. As the lore goes Peralin is the young energetic son of Dilminth who is always running from his mother and making mischief where he can.

Heavenly Signs

The interwoven dance of these two results in several celestial events, some in regular intervals and others on far more rare and lengthy timelines.

  • Peralin has four full moons during the 28 day lunar cycle, all of which coincide with Dilminth's New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter.
  • Due to their orbits, Peralin's path will always move across and pass in front of Dilminth's full moon, often referred to as The Mother's Embrace. Of course, due to Peralin's faster orbit (and youthful designation), this doesn't last long before it's once again off racing across the night sky.
  • While Peralin is considered the young, energetic child of Dilminth, constantly running to and fro across the sky, it always tracks the same path across it due to having no tilt in its orbit. Dilminth on the other hand has a five degree tilt, which means its constantly changing how high or low it tracks across the sky, giving it the appearance of a worried mother searching the sky and protecting its smaller counterparts path through it.