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Vital Stats
Full Name: Orwell the Lush
Place of Birth: Drache
Race: Human
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 200 lbs
Additional Information
Occupation: Drunkard and Town Crier of Drache

Character Background

Orwell the Lush, the drunken, babbling, and oftentimes sleeping man found in the corner of the BlkDragon Inn, is the Town Crier of Drache. How does one of such a precarious life situation gain such a position in a city as large as the capital of Arangoth? Well, stranger things have happened in this city, so figure them out before asking about Orwell's luck!

Orwell is a rather small man, somewhat overweight, and is usually found snoozing at a table in the Inn's corner, sometimes near the hearth, sometimes in the kitchen, and sometimes in people's rooms if he gets confused after a bit too much. His brown eyes are always bloodshot and he has a perpetually tired look upon his chubby face.

As drunk as he is, Orwell always seems to know what's going on in the city on any given day. Some say he can tell the weather just by sniffing the air, though most know that the Arangoth Weather Center comes down to the Inn to let him know early in the morning. He is always ready to gossip about whatever is on his mind; put a drink in him and the gods only know what you can find out!

Other Information

Like many of the Inn staff, Orwell is a bot. He has a large number of commands available to the public that deal with the setting of Arangoth, and can be used to pass the word about things going on in the city related to current storylines, plots, and various other happenings in the world of BDI.

Commands for Orwell, sent via /msg:

  • !date -- Gives the current date in Arangoth
  • !hest -- Gives the date in the Arangothian tongue
  • !weather -- Get the latest weather from the AWC
  • news read all -- Shows the latest news in BDI
  • !ops -- Find all the Ops currently online.
  • !nonags -- Turns off the on-join Operator notice.
  • !rumormill -- DCC sends a copy of the latest Drache Rumormill in txt form
  • !rules -- Gives a few basic rules for BDI
  • !help -- Displays this help message