Red Lantern District

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The Red Lantern District
Geographical Information
Location: Eastern Drache, Wharf District
Geographical Features: Brothels, Taverns, Inns
Region In: Arangoth


A large part of the Wharf District of Eastern Drache, the Red Lantern District is the city's section for low morals and the favored place for many a sailor just returned to port. Replete with low-cost pubs and brothels, as well as a hefty criminal element, this section of Drache is almost as notorious as its neighboring district, the Back Alley.

Behind the Name

The Red Lantern District is named for the red glass lanterns that mark the corners of each building and line the district's streets, separating it from the rest of town.

Most Notable Features

Forget the marketplace; you can find anything you could possibly want in this shady area. Whether it's entertainment, merchandise, or something else entirely, it can probably found in the low-brow streets of Drache's Red Lantern District. The most common street elements in this section of town are pimps, prostitutes, and fencers of various sorts. It's a veritable street carnival of seedy characters offering their wares, whatever those may be. Brothels sit next door to odds-and-ends shops, retired seamen sell jewelry from their coats, and games of chance are parked outside every alley. And behind the run-down buildings? That's where the real fun is. Cards, dice, and betting of all sorts can found found there along with the merchandise too chancy to show on the streets.

If the streets are crowded with the city's degenerates, their betters (or worse-ers, in some cases) can be found lurking in the shadows behind the seedy taverns and low-cost inns in the area. A few words of caution to the alert fellow on the street: keep your coin purse (both of them) well hidden and take it out as little as possible. The prostitutes are known to mob a lone stroller and shake him down in record speed, and the shake-down artists are even worse.

Prostitution and muggings abound in this area of Drache, though the former is what the Red Lantern District is best-known for.

The Void Market is another popular destination for those in-the-know as it were, which has its own excitement, entertainment and dangers associated with it.

Watch your back when treading into this den of illicit dealings. A good time you may find, but many have found a knife in their backs before the sun rises again.