Road of the World

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The Road of the World was the world's most important trade route at the time of its naming and still claims that status today. The name can refer to one of two concepts: one is the route from Veth, through the Grand Canal of Aslar to the Eastern Sea, through the Road of the World to Mwayambi, and then onward to Panguro. The other is the name of the actual sea located between Veth and Mwayambi, the watery passage between the South Sea and the Long Sea to Najjir and beyond.

The Sea

Nearly everyone from Veth who trades with Mwayambi, Najjir, Bahija or The Far East, passes through the Road of the World. Even traders in Northern and Southern Veth often use the Road of the World to sail around the continent. The warm tropical waters of the Long Sea travel down through the Road of the World, spilling into the Southern Oceans.

The Route

The "road of the world" technically continues through the Berjeron Empire, the Bakbe veldt and the Kadut Mountains, before crossing another body of water to get to Xiunhai-La, Panguro and Taopai. The route is the main source of silk, weapons and other Far Eastern fineries.