Salt Desert

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In the southernmost reaches of Najjir, especially around the southern borders of Qarsythe, one begins to encounter a high amount of salt deposits. The deposits mix with sand, sometimes forming cracked flats for dozens of miles. The lake of brine sits in the middle of the desert, too salty to sustain life.

The salt desert was once a jungle, fed by the many tributaries of the mighty Siham river. But Amas'kyaa's magical apocalypse permanently altered the ecosystem, destroying many smaller rivers. Furthermore, some of the organic, psychically-resonant crystal formations that grew throughout south and central Amas'kyaa turned 'undead' and began to slowly consume and desertify the region, burying the land under a layer of lifeless salt.

The desertification profoundly affected the Isska lizardfolk, changing their entire way of life.