South Sea

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The South Sea is the large body of water between Veth, Alesia, and Greater Pentland.

Geographic Features

The warm current from the Road of the World spills into the South Sea on the eastern side, where it begins clashing against the cold arctic waters of Alesia, creating a perpetual stormy weather system. The South Sea mellows out near its northern reaches. However, a persistent whirlpool called Hell's Eye sits in the gulf of South Arangoth, between Drache and Antara, creating another sailing hazard as well as a continental climate along southern Veth.

The Western part of the South Sea is in the hands of the Pentlanders and the Seccans. A large underwater reef system called the Terrimian juts out between Pentland and the mainland, discouraging conquests due to high risk of ship loss and treacherous currents that get strongest just near the reefs. There are rumors of sea monsters here, mostly ones that resemble aquatic dragons and whale-shark leviathans. The Green Sea here is bound by the currents of a gyre in the northern reaches of the South Sea, located roughly 30 degrees south of the equator.

Trade and Piracy

The South Sea is very important to the economies of all its adjacent nations, including Arangoth, Aslar, Elluria, Bahija, Secca, Greater Pentland, Myst and others. The most important navies belong to Secca, Pentland and Bahija. Transdariania acquired a navy too but most the vessels were hand-me-downs from the Pentlander fleet, given away in exchange for generous trade concessions, though after their civil war they have begun building up naval assets to contend with others in the South Sea.

Some of the most infamous pirates in the world hunt in the South Sea trade lanes, which has dwindled in recent years due to the efforts of various navies culling these numbers. These include the Korthai, a feared, seafaring race. Bahijan pirates, black and white, have become a less common sight, as are Arrants. Tuil Fionn pirates also fancy themselves political rebels and hit Pentlander ships almost exclusively.