The Lost Cemetary

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The Lost Cemetery
Geographical Information
Location: Drache
Population: 0


6 miles North by North West of Drache, along the west bank of the river.

Behind the Name

The Lost Cemetery or "Old Graveyard" is located in heavy old growth forest with a thick, nearly impenetrable canopy. Many of the grave markers are so weathered and ancient that they cannot be read. Those that can be are not always in modern common. It spans several square miles and seems to have specific boundaries.

Most Noted Geographical Features

Lying in low lands, along the river and heavily shadowed from the trees the Lost Cemetery is more often than not covered in a thick fog. The mist obscures most of the time, however in the morning and evening can make navigation entirely impossible. People are routinely lost within the forest.

The river has moved over the years, cutting further into the cemetery and it's old trees. For this reason the river is riddled with grave markers, old trees and errant bones along its westerly muddy bank.

There are often 'steamers' or ropes tied from the entrance of the cemetery, used by explorers to find their way out. If followed, they often dead end at no particular place. Some say they even dead end at different places, if followed twice by the same person.

Those that live in the area, farmers and herders, seldom ever speak of the cemetery. If pressed they offer only ominous warnings and vague descriptions, as if they have a great deal to fear from sharing more.