The Raven

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The Raven
Vital Stats
Place of Birth: Possibly Ethcabar
Race: Human
Additional Information
Occupation: Former Regent of Arangoth

Character Background

One of the more enigmatic citizens of Arangoth, little is known about this mage's life prior to his arrival in Drache. It is known that he traveled here from the southeast, from Ethcabar-Antara, arriving about the same time as several others who were drawn northward to Arangoth from the region, many of which would turn out to be his closest companions. Indeed, in those early days of the new kingdom, many an adventurous tale was retold around the Inn's hearth among them. TheRaven, Nitingale, his avariel pupil, Rue, a female warrior who used rune magic, Kaejo, both a master of steel and sorcery, and Lysira Farraige, leader of the Gaiscioch, later to become general of Arangoth's armies, were comrades in arms back then, though their stories are now long forgotten save by a few.

Shortly after the arrival of those from the south in late 465, several of them came into the Queen and King's confidence, including TheRaven, who in mid 466 became the Royal Advisor to the Queen and King. In service to the throne, he became close friends with Father Kylus Dragonsbane, the Royal Priest and religious advisor to the Throne. He would also come to know the phoenix sorceress Orianna, and the three were known to pass much time together, until Father Kylus and Oriana were wed some years later.

Raven, while residing in Castle Black with the Royals, established a second home that also served as his laboratory on the outskirts of Drache. Little is known of what he carried out there, as he was a very private person. It wasn't uncommon to see his pupil Nitingale traveling there, and was oft assumed that she lived there with him until she departed the realm for her homelands. Later, another young woman named Winter, known as an assistant to TheRaven, would seem to call the place her home.

Upon the departure of Queen Angelsin and King BLKDRAGON from the realm, for the sake of their children's safety, they appointed TheRaven Regent of the Arangothian Throne, to rule in their stead. Upon this appointment, Raven is said to have made Castle Black his home, bringing his assistant, Winter, to reside there as well. Sources say that his old laboratory was destroyed, and searches have not found trace of it. After his appointment, many nobles of the realm attempted to oust him as leader of the kingdom, either through assassination attempts, false accusations, or manipulation of the populace. Those he once shared tales and companionship with turned on him. Particularly hurtful was the betrayal of Princess Petal and Kaejo. Amidst all of this, he became more reclusive, putting a buffer of functionaries between himself and the populace at large, and only dealing with them within the walls of Castle Black. Despite this, the city of Drache ran as well as it had under the Royals for those not embroiled in the politics of the land.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

What is more widely known is that he has great skill in the arcane arts. He was also commonly known to shift between the form of a man, and that of a bird, though whether this was his mystical powers at work, or if he was something other than a man is not known.

Other Information

It is largely unclear when TheRaven actually departed Drache. Some claim that he followed the Queen and King shortly after they left, remaining long enough to set up a functioning government. Others claim that he remained hidden behind intermediaries until the Regency Council was established to run Southern Arangoth in his stead. Few know the truth, though it was rumored that Father Kylus was the last to see him within Drache.