Trí Déag

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Deep within the recesses of the Elgar Forest live the Trí Déag, a band of women belonging to the An Tríú Ceann Déag. While some claim that the tribe is the lost Assi tribe of legend, the Assi refuse to acknowledge that there ever existed a thirteenth tribe, and the Trí Déag refuse to acknowledge the Assi as having any part of the ancestry of their race.

Trí Déag
Racial Characteristics
Country of Origin Arangoth
Regions with Significant Populations Elgar Forest
Religion Polytheistic
Language Bastardized Dialect of Assi Language
Related Races Assi

Behind the Name

Race Origins



Tribal Structure


Religious Beliefs


Under the Law

The Hunt

An Scéal Thaibhsí

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