Wharf District

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Wharf District
Geographical Information
Location: East Drache
Geographical Features: Warehouses, gutter bars, and brothels
Dangers: Pickpockets, cutthroats, and drunk stevedores


The further eastwards one travels from the Darian River, the further one descends into the Drachean underworld. This area is known as the Wharf District, well out of sight of the BlkDragon Inn, consisting of warehouses, shipyards, net makers, and the like, as well as lower-class drinking establishments.

If you are looking for a cockfight or an opium den, you are in the right place; however, you are also in the right place to have your throat slit and your purse snatched. The north-eastern fringe of this section contains Drache's famed Red Lantern District, lined with brothels of varying repute.

The Iron Gate is located at the western end of the Wharf District; this is a gateway at which he Civic Guard frisks suspicious-looking persons who want to pass through into the upscale BlkDragon District.

Near the center of the District is the notorious Back Alley, where the criminals and undesirables of the city hold an earnest mockery of society, creating both a safe space for the refuse of the rest of Drache and a gauntlet of danger for any guards who dare enter alone.


This is in fact the oldest part of Drache; years ago it was nothing but a fishing-port frequented mainly by pirates and thieves. Until the year 471, Royal Guards did not often enter the Lower City. Under Captain Alastair "Solace" Courrant, the Royal Guard built a new a garrison in the Wharf attached to the city granary as part of his campaign to clean up the city. The Wharf Patrol developed a more aggressive style of law enforcement under the direction of Lucius von Stahl and his successor, Trilous Pyrder. Even with the Guard's presence in the Lower City, it is still not advisable for anyone to travel there unescorted after dark, as the many would-be bodyguards who gather just inside the Iron Gate will tell the foppishly-dressed outsider.