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Vital Stats
Place of Birth: Sresar Vale
Race: Dire Sheep
Hair Color: Fluffy and White
Eye Color: Red
Additional Information
Nickname: Lambo
Occupation: Demon Muncher and Baaaaaadass

Character Background

Baaaaaadass. Lambo. The Muttonator. Whatever the name, they all refer to the same being: Woolly. The name strikes fear into the hearts of GodPCs, munchkins, and all other immortal, un-killable types that dare to cross the threshold into the BlkDragon Inn! Woolly is a Dire Sheep, a very large, very smart, and very hungry breed found in the Sresar Vale to the north west of Drache. While most are very clever, Woolly is indeed a genius among mutton. If ever a GodPC dares plague the BDI, Woolly strikes, using stealth attacks from the rafters, life-sized marionettes, or just a raw charge with a ferocious bleat to route the infidel!

Woolly lives in a pen behind the Inn, and from a distance looks like your average, extremely large sheep. One might note the bits and pieces of demons, leftover vampire fangs, and myriad bits of holy weapons and armor from supposed 'immortal' beings that litter his home. GodPCs beware...Woolly is always hungry!