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General Information
Full Name: Aezra
Race: Half Unseelie
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Country of Origin: The Winter Court
Hair Color: Lavender
Eye Color: One blue, one red
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Additional Information
Religion: None
Creed: Live fast, play hard, leave a good looking corpse
Occupation: Casino owner, card shark
Income: Well off
Marital Status: Single
Player: Nemmiecakes


Aezra does not speak much of her background, though she occasionally references events and people who have some part in it. Little is known about what brought her to Drache other than some fall out with the Queen of the Unseelie Court involving both herself, her half brother, and their mother. Due to Fa'el's former standing in the Unseelie Court, it is unlikely that the Queen will ever stop trying to hunt down the pair, and they often times have to deal with those that are sent in pursuit. This has lead to some altercations between the exiles and the fae sent to catch them, notably when Aezra was caught and was made to hold cold iron rods. Fa'el later killed them, and took their teeth to present to her. So far, none of these encounters have attracted the attention of the local authorities, though, it's unsure how long that will continue.

Aezra and Fa'el share a mother, Ahzrenshaisha, a being known as an "outsider", commonly considered demonic, but in truth, unaligned to any of the evil forces. What their mother was doing in the Winter Court was unknown even to her two children. It is said that Queen Liandra's consort, Jantros, fathered Aezra, but these unsubstantiated claims have never been proven. Regardless, even the rumours has infuriated Liandra towards hatred of the halfbreed.

The pair resides in Drache for the time being. In 486, Aezra purchased the Lucky Nomad brothel from Shuunen. With her earnings, she bought the nearby buildings, and expanded the Lucky Nomad into including a casino with games of chance and card games.


The half-breed is an erratic agent of chaos, seeking to amuse herself, often at the detriment of others. Still, Aezra is not overtly malicious, though she is something of a troublemaker or shit-stirrer as is necessary to alleviate her growing sense of boredom in remaining stationary for so long.

She is capricious by nature, and cowardly at that. Altercations that take place between herself and others usually result in her panicking flight, or hiding behind someone else that might defense her, such as her half brother.

Physical Description

As a well talented user of faery glamour, Aezra rarely looks the same way twice. Her appearance changes in size and structure often, as well as her clothing choice, hair color and skin tone, but many things often remain similar. Favouring a younger appearance, she tends to look like a young human teenager would, slim of frame and short in stature. Ears are usually pointed, hair is often times black or streaked with white and pulled into pigtails. Her skin color ranges along the cooler tones, and usually always pale, changing from violet, lavender, blue and sometimes green. Her clothing can be as elaborate or as careless as she desires, but most often a dress of some sort that exposes both her arms, and her legs below the knee. She is usually barefoot by habit, not feeling cold and heat the same way that most creatures do.

Her eyes always give her away, however. One is always blue, and the other is always red, no matter what guise or appearance she claims for herself. Sometimes, she will switch which is which color, but that is the extent of the changes she can make to her eyes.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Card shark: Aezra is adept at playing various card games. While sometimes she enhances her playing through the use of glamour, she just as often plays games straight.

Magic Skills

  • Faery Glamour: As a half fae, Aezra can craft illusions of the visible and aural variety. She can project these images within ten feet of herself, and always within line of sight. These illusions are completely intangible. She often uses glamour to cloak herself in illusion.
  • Pocket Dimension: Through laborious effort, Aezra created a pocket dimension roughly the size of a 10ft x 10ft room, in which she stores her various personal items. Nearly all of her money is hoarded in this pocket. It is only accessible by Aezra through magical resonance. From this pocket dimension, she can conjure items that are stored within it with a snap of her fingers or a wave of her hand.
  • Shapeshifter: Given her other lineage, Aezra can shapeshift into other appearances, usually of a humanoid variety around the same height and build as herself. Shifting into something larger requires the assimilation of additional mass, while shifting into a smaller form requires shunting that mass into her pocket dimension. Most often, she stays around her natural, default mass, and changes her appearance into that of an elf or human of similar build.
  • Teleportation: Aezra has the ability to teleport herself around the city, up to distances of a mile. The further the distance, the more effort and energy required to perform the trick. Line of sight teleportation is possible, but rarely utilized, as she prefers to cloak herself in invisibility and project an image of herself elsewhere.



  • Silver Dagger: A dagger made of silver with a 5 inch blade and a white oak hilt.


  • Fae-made Armor: A cuirass made of tempered mithril, featuring a design of snowflakes meticulously etched into the metal. This article is primarily stored in Aezra's pocket dimension.


  • Deck of playing cards