Arangothian Currency

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Following the Arangothian Civil War and the establishment of the Confederacy of the Seven Sithrangel of Arangoth in 487, the currency system was retooled to better reflect commerce of the era. The Sithire of Arangoth agreed upon using a unified system across the seven provinces to promote trade and commerce with greater easy than each sithrangel creating and minting their own currency.

This system was influenced by the previous declarations by the former King Arlok from 469.

100 quaspins = 1 rixtle
100 rixtles = 1 lurinthoon

The old system of "Drachean Bank Crowns" was abolished in favor of a silver standard, where one crown equals to one rixtle.

Banking or promissory notes are available from the banking or counting houses scattered across Arangoth in major cities.


Coin Denomination Crown Value Base Weight
One Quaspin 0.01 0.83 grams
Five Quaspin 0.05 4.15 grams
Ten Quaspin 0.10 8.30 grams
One Rixtle 1.00 3.04 grams
Five Rixtle 5.00 15.2 grams
Ten Rixtle 10.00 30.4 grams
One Lurinthoon 100.00 6.94 grams
Five Lurinthoon 500.00 34.7 grams

Quaspins (Copper Coins)

Quaspins are square copper coins with a small square hole punched in the center. The print of the areas around the hole bear a wheat shaft to the left and right on one side and then the words TISPATOTH PERPONTH UL ARANGOTH (The Bread Basket of Arangoth) at the top and bottom. The opposite side depicts a field to the left of the hole, and the denomination number to the right.

Rixtles (Silver Coins)

Rixtles are round with a small circular hole punched in the center. A crown is printed into the base of the coin, with its center post being represented by the hole. On the other side a seven pointed star is printed on the left side of the hole, while the denomination is printed on the right. The words GORRATHAIROTH UL ARANGOTH (The Foundation of Arangoth) are printed across the top and bottom.

Lurinthoons (Gold Coins)

Lurinthoons are hexagonal with a small hexagon shaped hole punched in the center. An Ouroboros circles around the hole, catching its tail in its mouth on the right side of the hole. On the other side, there is a bevel of the nation of Arangoth on the left. The denomination of the coin is on the right. The words MENXVAN VORFON APETTIRE KEI ARNA UL ARANGOTH (Menxvan, Lord Protector of Arangoth) are printed across the top and bottom.

Prices of Goods and Services in Drache

All prices listed in Arangothian Bank Crowns. Naturally, these are only rough estimates for the basics. Specifics or imports would cause inflation of these prices.

Goods Type Base Price
Beverages Good Beer (1 gallon or 4.54 liters) 4.4
Good Ale (1 gallon or 4.54 liters) 1.6
Best Wine (1 gallon or 4.54 liters) 10.8
Pint of Good Beer (0.568 liters) 0.56
Pint of Good Ale (0.568 liters) 0.2
Glass of Best Wine (0.1 liters) 0.24
Food Spices (per pound) 20
Cheese (a pound) 0.56
Quarter of Oats (8 pounds) 9.5
Quarter of Wheat (15 pounds) 8.5
Loaf of bread (1 lb) 1
Loaf of white bread 1.6
Pauper's Loaf (1/5 lb) 0.12
Daily Wear Peasant's Garb 4
Craftman's Uniform (Fireproof Apron, etc) 40
Merchant's Outfit 100
Burgher's Finery 600
Noble's Finery 1600
King's Robes 8000
Candles Candles (1 lb) Tallow (50 hours light) 1.2
Candles (1 lb) Beeswax (60 hours light) 6
Containers Pottery vessel (pot size) 0.4
Barrel (slack, 26 gallons, 118 liters) 2.4
Barrel (drytight, 26 gallons, 118 liters) 2.8
Barrel (watertight, 26 gallons, 118 liters) 3.6
Animals Cow 100
Pig 32
Sheep 18.4
Chicken 0.8
Draught Horse 196
War Horse 1300
Riding Horse 308
Mule/Donkey 150
Weapons (Steel) Knife 16
Long-Knife 36
Dagger 40
Rondel 56
Short Sword 68
One Handed Sword 100
Two-Handed Sword 150
Bow 96
Crossbow 224
12 Arrows 7.2
12 Bolts 8
Sheath/Quiver + belts 11.6
Armor Leather Armor (Full coverage) 400
Chainmaille Armor (Full coverage) 1200
Plate Armor (Full coverage) 2200
Siege Weapons Small Catapult (Springald) 1300
Siege Tower (very large) 12000
Midsize Magonel/Small Ballista 2600
Miscellaneous Gold Engagement Ring with Diamond 1960
Small Gold Necklace 240
Wagon Load of Timber 360
Inn Room (nightly rent) 4
Fork & Spoon 6
Knife (cutlery) 8
House (to rent for a year) 260
Wages Laborer (Daily) 1
Infantryman (Daily) 1.8
Archer (Daily) 2.2
Carpenter (Daily) 2
Knight (with own equipment) 15
Armorer (Daily) 5
Sea-Faring Vessels Knarr (Single Mast, 40 ft) 70000
Caravel (Double Mast, 40 ft) 600000
Caravel (Double Mast, 60 ft) 800000
Cog (Single Mast, 60 ft) 800000
Cog (Double Mast, 80 ft) 1000000
Carrack (Triple Mast, 100 ft) 1200000
Carrack (Quadruple Mast, 150 ft) 1600000