Army of Transdariania

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Though there is no standing military within Transdariana, there is a bannerman system employed by the Duchy on the whole. The rest of the nation of Arangoth generally follows this example and system, though by no means are they bound to such a thing.

Bannerman System

Instead of the Duchy of Transdariania employing a typical standing military system, the nation has opted for a vassalized method formally known as the bannerman system. There is a hard rule (at least in Transdariana) that all floxods are allowed a maximum of two hundred (200) standing military personnel, employed, housed, and armed by the floxod themselves. Though by no means must a floxod employ any bannermen at all, they serve as police and general provincial security in peacetime, and are under the complete control of the floxod.

The Sithire of Transdariana may call for a certain amount of bannermen from each floxod, but that number may not exceed two hundred. If a floxod houses fifty bannermen, for example, the call may exceed fifty but the required troops sent by said floxod is still fifty. The system is in place for there to be a standard for military personnel, as well as a fair distribution of power.

Total War

In the rare case of a nation-wide war, each province is expected to field bannermen as well. This amount is decided by the Sithire specifically, though it may be as small as they decide.

The bannerman system may be bolstered, however, by mercenary groups that pledge loyalty to the floxod they are employed by. This loyalty need not be permanent, of course, but for security reasons and the independent nature of the bannerman system such honorable precautions are put in place. Famous examples of these mercenary groups include the Drachean Irregulars, a large group of low-mid-tier adventurers that were employed directly by the freedom movement of Drache.