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Vital Stats
Full Name: King BLKDRAGON
Place of Birth: Bar Fen
Race: Black Dragon
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Height: Massive
Additional Information
Nickname: BLK or 'Black'
Occupation: Former King of Arangoth
Marital Status: Married to Queen AngelSin

Character Background

From 465 until 469, all of Arangoth was loosely ruled from Drache. King BLKDRAGON and Queen Alysia "AngelSin" made what was a small fishing hamlet into their national capital in 465 after having fled from Rhydin. See The 'Alysian' Era (465-468) for the full story.

Physical Description

BLKDRAGON is, as one might guess, a massive black dragon. He is the reason behind the Inn's name and the reason the Inn was built to accommodate all manner of things dragon-sized.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

He is able to shapeshift into a human form.

Other Information

His Own Words

"BLKDRAGON was born of humble beginnings. He was raised in the swamps of Bar Fen, a dark and damp continent near Ansalon. Much of his youth was spent like all black dragons, learning the stealth and evil ways of the blacks. He excelled at magic, seeming to have a natural ability to manipulate the forces of the world. He was only a young drake when he was trapped by the goddess Tiamat and forced into her servitude. She teamed him with dark elf legions who were sent forth to do her bidding in the realms; many an elven and human homestead fell under his claw and acid. His spells turned to a darker necromancy under her servitude, and he began to call upon the darker powers to assist him in his pillages. The powers came to him but not without a price; he bargained with Loki for an item of power to break his servitude to Tiamat. Loki gave this unto him at a price, but wouldn't tell until the time arrived. BLKDRAGON accepted the offer and went upon his last mission.

He was mortally wounded at the battle of Bragga'norr on an assault upon the dwarves there. As he lay dying, Loki came to him to collect his price, smiled upon BLKDRAGON and said, "My offer unto thee was to break thy binds with the dark mistress Tiamat, this is done with your death. My price though was steeper. You are now to serve the forces of chaos eternally as the keeper of the void." With that, Loki removed BLKDRAGON's soul and placed it into a humble carrier, removing his life eternally, until the time of the gods were passed.

BLKDRAGON, who was evil by nature, didn't take well to serving the balance at first. His underlying nature was in a constant struggle. He spent centuries in Ansalon, keeping the balance, manipulating the void to control both the forces of good and evil. He has spent time in many realms known to some, and sometimes he can be seen still passing through these worlds. His greatest conquests though have come through the realm known as Rhydin. He alighted there and became a figurehead for some time, weaving his way into the guilds and houses where he plotted and overthrew many organizations in the keeping of the balance. Some knew him as a savior, others a dark form in the night bent upon their destruction.

Although he seemed happy and set in his ways, he didn't feel whole. Then one dark night he met someone who would change his mind and heart forever. Her name was AngelSin, and he met her in one of the inns of the realm while attempting an assasination. At first she frightened him, something he thought not possible, because the feelings he felt left him defenseless. After a brief meeting he vowed to return to her again, and this became a nightly occurrence and made his heart swell. He pledged his undying soul to her one night, and gave her his only true possession, the carrier of his soul. They wed soon after and spent much time wrecking havoc in those realms. The made many a friend and some enemies. They soon gave birth to their first children (twins). This made them happier, but something was missing. Both he and AngelSin searched the realms for a proper home but none could be found, and living in the void was a unbecoming thought for AngelSin, so they set out for a new world. They found the continent of Arangoth. Its beauty dumbfounded them both, and here they settled, opening a small inn by his name: the BlkDragon Inn. Here they resided alone in most part for awhile, until soon the place teemed with life and love. They welcomed the few, and then the many, to this realm and their home and built a dynasty. The rest of this story is still being told every night upon the breezes of the inn, so if you care, or even dare, enter their home and find out who these creatures truly be......"