Black Water Asylum

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Black Water Asylum
Realm: Arangoth
Province: Transdariania

Patients: Unknown

Staff: Unknown
Year Founded: Unknown
Currency: Bank Crown

The Structure

The Asylum is an imposing structure, it could just as easily be a prison or a fortress as it is a place for the insane. The walls, shaped like a star to repel the tremendous waves during storm surge, are constructed of massive, uncut stone from the Island itself. Each of the points of the five stars features a guard tower with chain link over the windows.

Few know the layout of the grounds, but those that have flown over state that there is a main structure at the center, several small out buildings and some barracks style housing. Between much of the structures is gardens, long since overgrown and abandoned by the staff.

On a separate peninsula from the main structure is a thick, tall tower. During low tide it can be accessed via a the peninsula, though the jagged rocks are extremely slippery and the currents below would quickly batter an unfortunate soul against the rocks, before dragging them out to or under the sea.

The limited number of available paths through the gardens implies that much of the patient movement happens in tunnels beneath the surface layer of earth.

Getting There

A ferry goes once per week, which is operated by a local contractor. If one goes to the island they have to depart within the hour of arrival, or spend the week there. Though it is rumored the Chief Surgeon will put up stranded ferry riders and visitors.


Notable Patients

  • Melacia Sinistrel - Nymphomania, Witchcraft, Cannabalism
  • Accordia Lowe - Serial Murder, Forcible Sodomy [Deceased]
  • Conrad Devereaux - War Crimes, Necomancy
  • Vato Loco (alias) - Pyromancy/Pyromaniac, Rape