BlkDragon District

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BlkDragon District
Geographical Information
Location: East Drache
Geographical Features: Forest Reserve, Waterfront
Region In: Arangoth


The BlkDragon District is located in the eastern half of Drache, astride the Darian River and waterfront.

Behind the Name

The District takes its namesake from, rather obviously, the eponymous BLKDRAGON, and as such is considered one of if not the most historically important centers of Drachean heritage due to that detail.

Most Notable Features

The BlkDragon Inn is in the heart of the city, the BlkDragon District, which lies on the eastern bank of the Darian River, surrounded by the city docks all along the waterfront. This area, directly east of the mouth of the river, is the most reputable and this is where some of the most important buildings of the city are located: the BlkDragon Inn (Also known as the King's Inn), the central offices of the Transdarianian Civic Guard (under Lord Commander Waeparn ul-Phamroth Senkmek ), the Chancellery and the Drache Royal University. Aside from inns and other establishments, nice houses and mansions can be found here, most with tall walls and towers to discourage intruders. There is also a public park, the "Forest Reserve," located along the eastern bank of the Darian River, preserving a section of the wooded parkland that originally covered the whole area only a few years ago. The Folvaholk Bridge spans the Darian to connect the BlkDragon District to Western Drache.