Brutus Sithaladar

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Brutus Sithaladar
Vital Stats
Full Name: Brutus Sithaladar
Age: 42
Place of Birth: The Elgar Forest
Race: Human
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Black
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 220 lbs
Additional Information
Nickname: Bulgejack
Occupation: Captain of the Guard
Marital Status: Single

Character Background

What is known of Brutus's background comes mostly from his records prior to 'the incident'. Born to a woodsman on the outskirts of the Elgar, he joined the Border Watch and served with distinction, until his team was tasked with investigating a wizard conducting questionable experiments out in the wilds. After tracking this wizard down, they discovered that he was attempting to use a device to open short term gates to serve as a cheap teleportation method for moving goods. Something went awry, and rather than opening a gate to his intended destination, he had opened a portal to the Abyss instead.

Brutus's team arrived shortly after this accident. With little time to summon reinforcements, the squad stormed the gates, driving those demons who'd come through back. One of the fleeing demons, however, grabbed the gate device and fled through the gate. Without any hesitation, Brutus Sithaladar dove through the gate and faced the demon in the steaming grounds of the Abyss. More of the monstrosities soon cut him off from the gate itself, and the last thing his squad saw of him was Brutus activating, and then smashing the device, allowing the gate to collapse with him on the other side.

It was almost twenty years later when it is said that a battered, grim warrior showed up at the Guard House. It is unknown who hired him, but tales of his exploits soon spread throughout the ranks. There were rumors of a truly effective guardsman rooting out secret demon lairs in the city and putting them to the sword. Due to the destruction of some records during the siege of the Magma Wyrm, there's not much in the way of documentation of his rise, but whispers abound of people cowed his sheer prowess, his intimidating stare, and his cruel efficiency.

Although no one really recalls meeting him face to face, his recent promotion to Captain of the Guard is expected to only further secure his legacy.

Physical Description

It is said that Brutus stands over six feet tall, and there are tales of a curious greenish armor he wears, supposedly torn from the body of a horned demon in the abyss. Some in the weapons business would love to examine the repeating crossbow and saw-bladed sword they've heard that he wields, but unfortunately no one is known to have access to them except for Brutus himself.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Tales of Brutus's brutal executions of demons abound, as well as his grim stoicism in the face of the forces of evil. His combat strength is said to be that of many men, though it is whispered that this is because of his time spent in the Abyss.

Oddly enough, no firsthand accounts of Brutus' actual existence exist, although plenty of second hand tales and rumors abound. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who's actually met the man, but surely the orders delivered in his name come from somewhere, right?

Other Information