Caern Rhia

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The Kingdom of Caern Rhia

Caern Rhia
Country Information
Current Ruler: Unknown

Caern Rhia is a small kingdom in the hilly area between Minkbrantha and Zul Kiras.

Little is known about this land other than its tendency towards pacifism and the preference for wearing green hues among the royal family and its tiny defense force. Emerald-colored materials were used in the construction of its state edifices.

A group of evil knights appeared in Outer Arangoth in 471, after being kicked out of inner Arangoth by Drachean forces. The knights, augmented by summoned demons, marched on Caern Rhia to either conquer or raze it to the ground. The kingdom had no one to turn to, given the strong neutrality doctrine being observed by its eastern neighbors at the time. Caern Rhia ended up asking the orcs of Zul Kiras for assistance.

Orcish War-King Vazhak Bloodhammer was only too happy to oblige, and in less than two weeks, an army from Zul Kiras had crossed the border into Outer Arangoth. The swiftness of the orcish response has made some speculate that the United Clans had already been preparing for an invasion, and Caern Rhia's plea for help gave them the perfect opportunity. By the end of Sun's Height, the orcs had captured the Arangothian city of Kamhorna and liberated Caern Rhia from its otherworldly invaders.

Since that time, the orcs have laid claim to the western half of the region, and have been settling the area. Recently, there have been rumors that the orcs have rediscovered the ancient Ruthmarnan mithril mines that the Caern Rhians had kept secret since their founding.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Gulanadurians and Caern Rhians, the Zul Kiran orcs eventually were pushed out of Caern Rhia as a whole. This was thanks to a very lucrative deal between the two polar opposite races, where in return for Gulanadurian assistance the Caern Rhians would teach the dark elves the way of mithril smithing, as well as allow them (expensive) access to their fabled mithril mines. This green-hued mithril, so far as anyone is aware, has been used sparingly to give the Gulanadurian people an edge in their ongoing war with the Vuulari.

The Gulanadurians have continued their amicable relationship with the Caern Rhians even in peacetime, and the two are nearly symbiotic in their defense of the region, both on the surface and within the depths.