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Vital Stats
Full Name: Drama Parkatire Raeld
Age: 60
Date of Birth: 05/01/430
Place of Birth: Transdariania
Race: Tiefling
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Amber
Height: 6'
Additional Information
Religion: Menxist
Occupation: Magistrate, retired soldier
Marital Status: Single
Player: Riddy

Character Background

Drama was born as part of a breeding experiment spearheaded by Erelus Raeld, the fiendish scientist. Erelus had designed a way to manipulate the genetic makeup of his children, and Drama was the third in line of an experiment to produce tieflings with a higher percentage of fiendish blood than the norm. At the age of fourteen, with assistance from her brother Arion, Drama escaped her father's tower, and began her life in the outide world.

Drama served in the Northern Arangoth military from 444-484. She was promoted to First Sergeant of 13th Recon Company "Swift", serving Lord-Captain Beau Griffith in 468, and received commendation for her service in the Winter Campaign against the Assi in 469, as Swift Company survived and held their ground without reinforcements or support until Spring. She took part in the conflicts with Vernor, Ruthmarna, and later Zul Kiras until her retirement in 484.

After retiring, Drama moved to the city of Drache, intending to live a peaceful life and redetermine her place in the world. But soon after she arrived, the city was plunged into chaos as the Nightmare Fae cursed its people with unending nightmares.

Drama fought alongside Guiscard and Azalea against Velsarius, the Nightmare Fae, and landed the killing blow that allowed him to be cleansed by the Raven Father. Shortly afterward, she settled into a quiet job at the Drache courthouse, keeping records and transcripts.

Drama entered into an ill-fated relationship with Cyan Highwind, a guardsman who was later executed for murder. Before his death, Cyan adopted Lucinda Darke, a teenage orphan. Drama has continued to provide for her as a mother, to the best of her ability.

Her work and attention to detail came to the attention of Magistrate Asnerith Dreth, who hired her onto his personal staff. Drama tirelessly maintained law and order among the unspeakable chaos of the magistrate's employees, and soon rose through the ranks in his office in the Chancellery, even representing him twice in Interim Council meetings. It was around this time that she submitted an application to become Magistrate, a role unheard-of for a Tiefling.

When Azalea led a party to the mystical fae Goblin Market, Drama accompanied, and brokered a deal to sever her connection to her family line and fiendish father. The influence of the rituals surrounding her birth were lifted, and her genetics "reset" to ordinary tiefling levels, if still weighted on the fiendish side. Physically, she lost her fire resistance and hooves, now standing on ordinary feet. The Great Seal had let her pass before, but now she no longer feels even the mild discomfort she had experienced in the past.

On the eighth day of Bedekkakat in 487, Drama was confirmed as Magistrate of the Free City of Drache. She has presided or been involved in cases including the investigation of Mathilde D'Arquette, the Reshalian complaint against Drache's Azaani port security, and others. After some pressure from others, partially because of the dual meaning of her first name and partialy because she was the only magistrate without a last name, Drama Parkatire took a new family name for herself, effectively giving an even cleaner break from her past and lineage.

In time, Erelus Raeld tracked his daughter down, and although Drama slayed him in battle, the circumstances seemed too easy, too ideal. She sent an adventuring party to infiltrate her fathers tower, where they discovered the truth of his other experiments. He had delved into the fabric of the fiendish realms and the nature of demons, devils, daemons, demodands, and even Qlippoths, using this knowledge to separate his soul from his body and first possess Arion, and then a mechanical construct he had created for himself. After the defeat of Erelus's golem body, his spirit attempted to possess Drama, although this plan was foiled through the efforts of her friends, bolstering her will enough to banish her father's spirit to the void.

Drama is now the only remaining member of the House of Raeld, and has retaken the family name. What she will do with it in the future remains to be seen.

Physical Description

Drama is a tiefling with a strong resemblance to her fiendish father. With reddish skin, curved horns, and a barbed tail, it is easy to mistake her for a full-blooded devil. She used to have hooves, although those vanished months ago. Drama is tall and athletic, in the same shape as a bureaucrat as she was on the battlefield. As stern as she often looks and behaves, Drama has a remarkably pleasant smile when she does use it.

Drama's arms are covered in tattooed mementos from her time in military and mercenary service, abstract images which almost serve as a coded travelogue of her past life. Another intricate design decorates her upper chest just beneath her collarbone - the Raven Father's mark, granted in gratitude for defeating Velsarius. Drama's back is also covered in a scarified pattern left over from the rituals surrounding her birth.

When serving in her capacity as Magistrate, Drama wears the black robes of office, along with a steel gorget emblazoned with the symbol of the Chancellery. When off-duty, she dresses simply and practically, though he still wears her truth-detecting ring along with a ring of fire resistance. She is most often armed with a collapsible pike, stolen from her family's home when she left. The pike has anti-magic properties, and can pierce through most mystical defenses.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Drama possesses an eidetic memory, and her handwriting is as consistently neat as a printed font. She retains her old combat skills, and possesses a limited measure of magical ability. Thanks to the inherent magic in her bloodline as well as Ja'Quel's training, Drama is capable of performing a few basic rituals when needed.

Drama is extremely Type A, straightforward, and no-nonsense. Her expression is usually stern, and she usually speaks in a flat tone. This does not preclude having a sense of humor, but it is rare to see her not in business-mode.

Other Information

-Drama ages more slowly than a pureblooded human. Fifty-seven is an awkward year for any immortal or long-lived person.

-Her first name means "Goat." The fact that it is identical to melodrama is a coincidence.

-Drama's tattoos are patterned after ancient indigineous Northern Arangothic designs, appropriated by Swift Company for their insignia and callsigns.

-When Drama renounced her family, she also gave up her family name. For most of her life, she has just been "Drama."

-After some pressure from others, partially because of the dual meaning of her first name and partially because she was the only magistrate without a last name, Drama took a new family name for herself, effectively giving herself a final break from her past and lineage. Her new last name, Parkatire, is arangothek for "judge." She chose not to be imaginative.

-Drama's "teenage rebellion" involved going to church.

-Drama used to be completely immune to fire, but lost the immunity at the same time as her hooves. She makes up for it with a ring of fire resistance.

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