Eliya Almakira

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Eliya Almakira is an Emshi psychic warrior from Najjir.

Eliya Almakira
Eliya Almakira
General Information
Full Name: Eliya Almakira al-Fasaad
Race: Emshi, Human
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Date of Birth: 17.VI.459
Country of Origin: Najjir
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Luminous blue
Height: 5'7
Weight: 120 lbs
Additional Information
Religion: The Old Gods of Najjir
Occupation: Guardian of the Fareedah, adventurer, bodyguard
Income: Modest
Marital Status: Single
Player: Nemmiecakes


Eliya's psionic gifts were obvious at birth, and her fate was sealed. The first few years of her life were spent with her parents and brother within their tribe, wandering the outer rim of the Fareedah. At the age of five, her "uncle" Hakim Fayar took her under his wing, and began to train her in the use of her abilities. During this time, he imbued within her a strong sense of responsibility, extolling endlessly that their line was charged with the sacred duty of protecting the legacy of Amas'kyaa.

When she was ten, Hakim took her into the interior of the Fareedah for the first time. Over the course of the next several years, Hakim exposed Eliya to the eldritch taint of the fallen empire with multiple excursions into the exclusion zone. Due to his protections, and then later her own, Eliya's sanity remained intact. She was thirteen when she encountered one of the abominations. With her uncle, they engaged it in combat together, killing it. These encounters were not uncommon, providing excellent fodder for the developing warrior.

Occasionally, they would encounter outsiders, seeking either the crystal that the Fareedah was known for, or their own journeys into the ruins of Amas'kyaa. It was their duty to dissuade these travelers, if they could or use force when necessary. As it was impossible to cover the entire perimeter of the Fareedah, adventurers made it into the interior of the tainted zone. Unprotected from the malicious influence still lingering in the crystal frontier, these travelers would lose their minds. When Hakim and Eliya encountered these poor, lost souls, their options were limited.

She was twenty when Hakim finally decided that he had taught her all he knew, and judged her competent enough to be released from his care. Eliya remained with her tribe, while Hakim returned to his own. Despite the company of her tribe, her gifts and duty isolated her from the others. She would disappear on horseback with days' worth of supplies on her own, always surviving and returning to the tribe, only to repeat this a week later.

In the Arangothian spring of 486, Eliya began to experience formless but horrific nightmares. She would wake up in a cold sweat, and sometimes in tears, shaking with a deep seated but fathomless terror. These nightmares were weeks apart but identical. Though she was not gifted with precognition, she understood with absolute certainty that these nightmares were portents. Unable to find her mentor, she eventually traveled to Qarsythe to seek answers or guidance.

At some point, she was directed to a woman named Fatizza Waqar, a member of one of the many sorcerer guilds in Qarsythe. This woman claimed to have some understanding of the nightmares themselves, and sent Eliya south to Drache to find the Najjira warlock, Alim Kassad, who supposedly had some experience with the eldritch horror of her dreams. Without further delay, she signed on to guard a caravan south, and made her way to the other side of the continent, arriving in the fall just after her fourth nightmare.


After a lifetime spent battling the warped and corrupted abominations that wander the ruins of Amas'kyaa, Eliya is a naturally paranoid person. Any person touched by the corruption that taints the Fareedah, especially of those in Drache is immediately suspect. She is a decisive person, able to make quick decisions and acts upon them immediately. Battle hardened and anti-social by merit of her raising, Eliya is somewhat socially awkward, even after more than three years in the southern city of Drache. A naturally quiet person, she is not the most talkative person. Her friends are few and far between.

Physical Description

Eliya's colouring is typical of her people. She has dark hair and olive skin, with the distinctive, luminescent blue eyes that are herald of a psychic in Najjir. Her hair is kept long and tied in a braid most of the time. Like most Emshi, she has spent her life in the desert and it shows in the weather of her features. Premature signs of aging are apparent in her face, small crows feet at the corners of her eyes and laugh lines around her mouth. She is medium in height, and slim in build due to the necessary privation of life in the desert.

She normally dresses in the custom of her people. A tunic, loose fitting pants and an over robe with a cowl in the darker bluish indigo with careful, intricate embroidery at the hem are her go to choices for clothing. The patterns used in such decoration are distinctive to her tribe. She carries a short, curved sword and a dagger both. During her stay in Drache, she was forced to opt for local styles of clothing to stay warm through the winter.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Armed Combat: Trained to fight with weapons with dagger, samshir and a polearm or staff, Eliya was educated from a young age in the use of these weapons. She is considered proficient in the use of these weapons. Even without any physical weapons, she has been known to utilize psychic constructions as weapons.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Eliya was trained to fight without weapons as well. She has average strength for her size and race, and is considered a fast moving person. Her deterity is slightly above average, as she tends to practice fighting forms every day. She utilizes grappling and throws when necessary. It is extremely rare that she gets into those types of fights, given her psychic abilities.
  • Equestrian Mastery: The use and care of a horse was drilled into her from childhood. Eliya can ride well, and stay mounted during exchanges with opponents. She understands the basic necessities like grooming, and cleaning the hooves, and making sure to supply the animal with enough food and water.
  • Linguistics: Eliya speaks both High and Low Najjira, as the former is spoken among the Emshi tribes, and the latter is used at the various cities on the outskirts of the Fareedah. She acquired the knowledge of Common using telepathy over several months, and now speaks it as fluently as her mother tongue. Arangothek is a new language that she's been dabbling in the use of, though most of the merchants and business dealings are conducted in Common. In theory, but not practice, Eliya could acquire additional languages via telepathy, but has not exerted the effort to do so.

Magic Skills

  • Empathy: Eliya has the ability to psychically sense other's emotions, as well as project her own. She can sense or project up to a city block without effort. Straining herself and expending excessive energy to her detriment could heighten these abilities, but she has had no use to do so. Like her telepathy, she can and does block out these senses through practiced concentration. An empath of sufficient strength could in theory break through her shielding to project their emotions at her.
  • Psychic Constructs: Through long practice and skill, Eliya has developed the abilities to manifest psionic energy into the physical realm as hard, blue light. These constructs can take any form such as small walls, weapons or thrown shards. Constructs are under 4x4 feet cubed in size and can be projected up to fifteen feet away from herself.
  • Telekinesis: The ability to lift and move objects with her mind, Eliya's telekinesis is short ranged, within fifteen feet of herself. She can lift a grown, average size human male without much strain, and project him with force up to fifteen feet; inertia would carry an object further, outside of her control. Eliya can support her own weight easily.
  • Telepathy: Eliya has the ability to psychically hear other's thoughts, as well as project her own into the minds of others. Like her empathy, she is skilled in the use of shielding her mind from others. Penetrating into another's mind beyond their surface, unguarded thoughts requires energy expenditure and concentration. The stronger the telepath, or the psychic wards, the more difficult it would be to penetrate into the target's mind. This intrusion would be noticeable by the target, and could cause pain to the target if done carelessly or ruthlessly. Eliya can sense others' thoughts up to a city block away from her without effort. She could in theory use energy and concentration to expand these boundaries. As Drache is cramped with people, the psychic is more often than not shielded against others' minds.
  • Teleportation: Very short ranged line of sight teleportation, more like "blinking" than true teleportation, Eliya has the ability to project herself and only herself within ten feet of her starting position. This ability requires effort and is strictly used in combat when the situation warrants it. She cannot project herself further than the ten feet limit.



  • Enchanted Dagger: Gifted to her by Aridia Vloress on her first Candlenight in Drache, Eliya is in possession of an enchanted dagger. Roughly four inches long, with a ruby studded hilt, the dagger is capable of extending and turning into any weapon that is held in the hand. From sword, to spear, it is activated with a thought, and maintained with light concentration.
  • Samshir: An heirloom of her family, Eliya's samshir was forged in Najjir decades ago and features an intricately carved ivory hilt, and three foot long, curved blade. It is completely mundane and has no enchantments.


  • Crystal-Lined Bracers: Also a family heirloom passed down through her father's line from psychic to psychic, these bracers contain slivers of Fareedah crystal between the layers of leather used to amplify the use of psionic energy. Eliya is so accustomed to using her bracers as an amplification to her focusing device that activating them in the usage of her abilities is second nature.


  • Focusing Device: A gold amulet studded with Fareedah crystals arranged in a specific circular pattern allows Eliya to channel her psychic powers away from the desert. Without it, the psychic cannot use her abilities, as they are said to be borne from the crystal formations of the Fareedah. She wears this amulet beneath her clothing and does not speak of it as a necessity of her abilities to anyone, though those educated in the inner workings of the Emshi might understand its weakness.

Other Information

Eliya has a blood bay gelding named Ahlor Ryr that she rode on her way south to Drache and stables at the Black Dragon Inn, where she has been staying since her arrival.

On a friendly recommendation, she offered her services as a telepath to the Silak family, a merchant house located in Drache. She is paid well enough to support herself and her endeavors for a few hours of work a day.