Frederick Lunnesburg

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Corrupted Filth of Corrupted Filth
Vital Stats
Full Name: Frederick Lunnesburg
Age: 28
Race: Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 110 lbs
Additional Information
Occupation: Scholar
Marital Status: Unmarried
Player: Shayde

Character Background

Frederick Lunnesburg is an extremely fresh member of Drachean society, having shown up just recently on the streets of the booming city. His abnormal features hint at an extraplanar origin, though Frederick refuses to speak on anything of the sort. The man had been attempting to make a name for himself via his academic work. This work has been kept entirely quiet, no dissertations or other sorts of reports ever being written, and it seems as if he has absolutely no magic affinity in the first place. What Frederick does have is a knack for hyperfocusing and a complete disregard for the distractions others present before him.

Physical Description

Frederick is an extremely pale man with black hair and black eyes that lend him to a race more similar to the dark elves than to the humans of Veth. Though he stands and over six feet tall, he's waifish in a way that is almost assuredly dangerous for his health. The man is always fully dressed, his arms and legs fully covered, though every so often a glimpse of a tattoo on his back can be spotted. This tattoo is black and seemingly massive, but he has also refused anyone the chance of studying it or seeing it in its entirety to begin with.

Frederick's eyes are sunken into his head from excessive fasting, maintaining his energy purely by the way of caffeine and other stimulants while controlling the consequential jitters with excessive smoking of tobacco. Anything besides tobacco, he claims, dulls his cognition. If Frederick was able to find some time in his life to sleep and eat, he could perhaps be an above-average looking bachelor. As it stands he's worse off than most beggars in the streets. Due to his lack of constitution, it's also nearly impossible to find any part of the man with either muscle or fat. For lack of a better term, he's a skeleton with skin.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Frederick has came to Drache with a multitude of skills, but these are almost always paid at a price. Frederick has always been one to agree to self-sacrifice in return for power and knowledge.

Occult Powers

Occult Banishment: Frederick is a scholar specializing in the extraplanar, serving something that could be best described as a massive library of sentient knowledge. Frederick has paid several prices for his powers, and in return the library as allowed him insight into what he finds worth the loss. Frederick is a master at banishing extraplanar entities, finding the scourge of invaders to be far more concerning than the scourge of domestic threats that plague the city. Whether or not Frederick knew these rituals before or after arriving in Drache is up for debate, but he seemed to pick it up quite quickly at the Royal University...

Occult Summoning: Though the man is in no way someone who enjoys solving things with brute force, he's found that he can't banish everything he comes acrossed. In dire circumstances Frederick is able to summon select beings that serve his "master" to assist him, though he has never been known to bind them. Generally he deals with them as one deals with a devil, a trade for a trade. Oftentimes this is in return for knowledge, though a select few are content to be unleashed for the sake of sating blood lust. Frederick's method of summoning is potent but also very slow, often requiring blood magic in concert with activation words and occult runes.

Runewounding: Frederick also employs a sort of permanently enchanted blood magic, which is likely why the uptight man still sports a massive tattoo on his back. With enough time and preparation, Frederick can quite literally tattoo certain traits onto a being. This can take a variety of forms and a nearly infinite amount of effects, though he has to first learn the specific ritual before he can even imagine imbuing a living being with the desired trait.

Mundane Skills

Cannibalistic Tribes: Frederick is an expert on cannibalistic tribes both on Veth and abroad, though he largely keeps such knowledge to himself as a precaution. This knowledge is almost assuredly known due to first-hand dealings with these peoples, but the mystics that reside within have potent magics that anyone knowledgeable in the arcane fields could attest to.

Torture: Though the man is generally very reserved, he occasionally finds someone with knowledge he seeks desperately. Frederick is a master interrogator, though he takes great pains to not kill of his target before they have served his purpose. Seeing as Drache is a new city, and Frederick has no means of plausible deniability, he has gone to great lengths to avoid something so drastic as torturing innocent civilians.

Recording: As Frederick is a servant of a being of pure knowledge, he has become extraordinarily proficient at recollection and the technical word. This does not mean that his memory is photographic. What this does entail is that he is not only skilled at cartography and reports but also drawing precise sketches, though there is absolutely no art in them.

Mental Weaknesses

Paranoia: Frederick, in his endless quest for knowledge in his relatively short human life, has become paranoid for the sake of personal safety. He tells himself that at least. He rarely has his back to groups of people, rarely works in public, and is constantly suspicious of strangers that may be trying to steal his research or sabotage his work.

Apathy: Through some sort of divine intervention, more than likely a particularly potent deal with his master, Frederick has absolutely no emotions. Though he has motivation and desire, he has no emotions attached to them. This is both a blessing and a curse; Frederick is very tough to distract and cause to act impulsively, but it further alienates him from both potential allies and general decencies.

Disassociation: At random times and for random intervals, Frederick's brain struggles to process everything in the moment. Due to the breadth of his occult knowledge, and the dangers that reside in that knowledge to his psyche, his mind occasionally shuts down and attempts to "reboot" in the present moment. This leads to abrupt catatonia that can last up to a few hours. Luckily enough, Frederick is not at risk of this behavior when heavily stimulated (such as in the heat of a battle), though he has often poured steaming coffee onto himself due to the abrupt onset of an attack.

Other Information

Frederick's massive black tattoo acts as a sort of living parasite. His tattoo is entirely black, a massive elderly tree beset with gnarls situated atop an orb with hundreds of minuscule glyphs. The tree's roots are draped over the sphere like a network of nerves, lending to the idea that the orb itself is sustaining the massive tree.