Goblin Slums

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Goblin Slums
Geographical Information
Location: Outside the Northwestern city walls
Geographical Features: Tanneries, butcheries, sweatshops
Dangers: Various goblinoids


The Goblin Slums is not an official district of Drache, which itself is located beyond the city walls and on the western side of the Darian River.


Various goblinoid races make up the majority of its population, from which it draws it namesake. Most denizens live in relative poverty, attempting to eke out a living in the shadow of the city, some of which take refuge here between their daily treks within for work. While crime and criminals aren't exactly uncommon, bandits and highwaymen rarely find much comfort, as its population isn't extremely keen on outsiders bringing down the law on their homes. Many tanneries can be found here, along with other vocations that are considered 'dirty' by the general populace, while various merchants and the like can be found peppered within, such as butchers with oft questionable sources of meats for sale.