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Natural Habitat: Ferluxebi, Northern steppes of Zul Kiras
Classification: Mammal
Average Size: 35-65" in length, 29-37" high to shoulder
Average Weight: 90-122lbs
Coloring: Dull green to grey
Distinguishing Features: Sabre teeth, 3 fingers

This creature appears to be a sort of primate similar to a spider monkey, only having a number of goblinoid characteristics. Some sages believe that it is the product of magical crossing of a type of monkey and a goblin. Females are slightly larger than males. They've been hunted to near extinction but still cling to life in the Ferluxebi deserts.


The Gyrchin is hairless, but it's hide, which ranges from dull green to grey, is thick and leathery. It's lower jaw juts out from it's face, allowing two long sabre-teeth to rise up several inches, rising even above it's head. These are used to kill larger beasts, and also are used like a ram's horns during the mating season, when males fight each other. It's hands hold two thick fingers and an opposable thumb for grasping, but it's knuckles are also heavily padded, enabling it to scamper on all fours at high speeds.

They are carnivores with three stomachs rather than any chewing teeth. They gulp down large chunks of meat for digestion, usually torn with the help of their huge fangs. Hunting, they use their grasping hands to fasten themselves onto their prey and then tear at it with their mouths. Fighting each other, they prefer to pummel each other with fists and headbutt using the fangs, displaying an almost vicious glee in bruising and beating their foes rather than drawing blood.


Originally they dwelt in the northern reaches of the Ferluxebi desert, possibly close to the place where they were made. They were hunted into near extinction by the native tribes, Yosp and Sibdar as well as the Gutting Spear gnolls for both sport and to protect animal herds. The Zul Kiran expansion nearly sealed their fate, as their native habitat was civilized, but goblins of the Dark Torrent clan captured a number of them and began to breed and domesticate them. They are now found almost exclusively in the Dark Torrent lands north of the Lake of Serpents, though a few survive in Ferluxebi.

Breeding Habits

During mating season the males use their long teeth to rut over females. For the days that it takes to arrange a pecking order the entire territory is filled with the noise of screaming and deep resonating grunts. When one male attempts to establish dominance he begins a series of calls. Two short high pitched shrieks followed by a series of three grunts, one long and two short, repeat with one minute intervals until a rival male shows up. What follows is largely a battle of strength with the aim to force the other into submission or death. The spars are short with few longer than fifteen minutes.

Once an alpha male is established he mates with the females of the group. Gestation takes a few weeks. Packs live in burrows governed by an alpha male and female. Litters are usually between 10 and a dozen, but only about one half survive thanks to inter-litter vicious play, bloodthirsty parents, and harsh training by their goblin masters. This speeds up their growth rate quite a bit and they're old enough to fend for themselves in a matter of months. Both sexes are born with short fangs that grow rapidly.

Within a year the juveniles are fully grown and join the next round of mating. Males are driven off to start their own packs elsewhere. Few are successful and those who aren't try to join other packs as lower-ranking members that will join the rut when mating season rolls around again and they'll have a chance at the alpha male position then.

Should a male rut with the alpha male and win before the mating season the new alpha slaughters and devours the usurped male's offspring. This forces the females into estrus again so he can get his own offspring produced.

Other Characteristics

The Gyrchin are now used as herding animals, like humans utilize dogs. Trained expertly, if harshly, from birth for this, they have proven immensely useful. Their most effective tool in their work being their high-pitched screech, which can shy off even the most steadfast and violent animals.

Their thick hides are useful in producing hard leathers for armoring both steed and warriors. The hides are not thinned and used as-is for padding chest plates, arm guards and other pieces that need the extra bulk.