Hell's Eye

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The Infernal Whirlpool at the Reef of Tears
Geographical Information
Location: South Sea
Geographical Features: Ship-Crushing Whirlpool, and... Something Else...
Dangers: See 'Features'
Notable Wildlife: Siracen

The two most infamous terrors of the sea south of Drache are the maelstrom known as Hell's Eye and the Reef of Tears. Navigating one's way to Drache is no simple task, and only a person who knows the sea like the back of his hand--and knows the back of his hand pretty darn well--should be trusted to the task.

Hell's Eye

The Infernal Whirlpool, commonly known as Hell's Eye, has been the end of many ships in the South Sea. It is located roughly south of the halfway point between Drache and Ethcabar. This massive whirlpool generates a sucking current strong enough to draw in and bring down even the largest sea-faring vessels. Inexperienced navigators often misjudge the proximity of the whirlpool because the waters are so calm, until it's too late; once the waves begin to churn, there is no escape.

Sailor lore tells of a creature that inhabits the areas around Hell's Eye and the Reef of Tears, known only as Siracen. Siracen is described as both a beautiful woman, singing to lure sailors like a siren, and also a monstrous medusa-like horror with an insatiable appetite for flesh and treasure. Often, superstitious sailors will throw things of value overboard near the Hell's Eye in hopes of 'appeasing' it.

The Reef of Tears

The Reef of Tears, however, accepts no such sacrifices. A wide-spread mass of jagged coral, the reef serves as a natural sea boundary for Arangoth and the surrounding lands. Few ships have penetrated the reef in either direction, but those captains who have braved it and survived are either praised in song, or called mad. The reef is poorly mapped (for obvious reasons), and is estimated to span nearly to the coast of Aslar, stretching out across the waters south of Goat Island towards the west.

Other Lore

Together, these two natural phenomena have meant death for many a careless captain and crew. As they sing in Drache's inns:

The daring ship the Dragon's-Whip

Had won far-flung renown
But it pass'd by the dread Hell's Eye

And all on board did drown.

And again:

There's but one thing a seasoned sailor fears --

'Tis not the frowning clouds nor icebergs gray
That turn him terrified out of his way --

'Tis but the sighting of the Reef of Tears!