Hydek Tuseell

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Hydek Tuseell
Vital Stats
Full Name: Hydek Tuseell
Age: 46
Date of Birth: 5.III.441
Place of Birth: The Tyhinn Empire
Race: Human
Hair Color: Salt and Pepper
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160
Additional Information
Occupation: Resident Minister and Political Advisor to Sajaad Talaes
Marital Status: Unmarried
Player: User:Ayanula


Hailing from The Tyhinn Empire's capital city of Xetid, Hydek was born from human parents. His father worked as a Captain in the mounted divisions of the Empire's Calvary. Once he grew up to the point of an enlistment age, he was swept up in Tyhinn's vast military, where he was assigned as a scout along the Southlands. In this role, Hydek was often involved in cross-border excursions to gather reconnaissance on the activities of the United Clans.

It only took five years of running successful missions into Zul Kiras before he was identified by the Imperial Elite to serve a much more crucial role in the Empire's foreign affairs. Having been recruited to formally serve as a Counselor in Elvendeep, Hydek was steered towards - and involved directly in - Tyhinn's more covert affairs within the Elven nation. In fact, he was one of the many Tyhinn spies involved in unearthing Governor Silverbow's plan to integrate with Arangoth far prior to the agreement in 471.

Current Role

Having worked with Sajaad somewhat within the realm of Tyhinn's diplomatic mission inside Elvendeep, he relied on her early on as a translator in many of his dealings. By the time she had begun to ascend to the role of Ambassador to the South, he had climbed up to the status of Resident Minister within the Elven nation. However, once the military contract between Southern Arangoth and the Empire began to be negotiated, Hydek was pulled from Elvendeep and reassigned to the Drache-based mission to finalize discussions and follow-up with formalization.

In this regard, he has been tasked with ensuring the contract is ratified so that the two nations establish permanent diplomatic relations. And though Sajaad is the Ambassador in charge of Southern Affairs, it has been widely looked to for Hydek to set down the political roots in Drache.

Involvement Within Southern Arangoth

In pursuing the Empire's hidden agenda, Hydek continues to run several clandestine operations within the city of Drache as well as Southern Arangoth and Elvendeep. Cloak and dagger affairs are often delegated to him to ensure that orcish influence in the region is stymied to a controllable level with which the Empire's ambassador can control politically. But more importantly, his role is key to taking matters into the Empire's own hands through contacts and subversion when it cannot.