Idelle Sarault

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Idelle Habri

Idelle Turik Habri
Vital Stats
Full Name: Idelle Turik Habri (formerly Sarault)
Age: 35
Date of Birth: 15.II.452
Place of Birth: Najjir
Race: Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 145
Additional Information
Nickname: None
Aliases: Idelle Sarault (former)
Religion: N/A
Occupation: Arms-Lieutenant of the Civic Guard
Marital Status: Married to Echades
Player: Ayanula

Character Background

Idelle Turik Habri was the second of two daughters, born in Najjir. Her father was a oil shale miner in the mountainous region while her mother was a Wax Palm shaver. Her family emigrated south through Kahlahra and made the treacherous journey down into Arangoth. It would be here that her family would settle in the farmlands just outside of Drache

As she and her sister were the only children, she grew up performing laborious work about the farm she grew up on from an early age. At the age of 19, Idelle was wed to Malik Sarault, an immigrant of Aslar. They both moved to the inner city of Drache, where she and her sister worked in the dwarven iron smelting industry across the Darian River.

Menxkrukian Influence

At the age of 24, a Menxrukian terror bombing missed it's intended target of one of Drache's magistrate and instead took the right leg of Idelle and the life of her sister at a Tavern. Fragmentation entered her sister's spine, causing her to succumb to her injuries within a short matter of time. Idelle's leg, however, would be amputated after a week of increasing infection and gangrene. Her and her husband's finances soon suffered thereafter with her inability to work. Six months after her grave injury, Malik left for work in the morning, never to return that night. Within several weeks of the disappearance, the house they'd invested in together soon foreclosed.

Idelle spent the next four months living under the Darian bridge, too shamed to return home. A brief stint with opium addiction would soon awaken her to the fact she was locked in a downward spiral.

Guard Involvement

After the self-intervention, Idelle moved back to her parents' farm, where she slowly rehabilitated herself with both the use of a wooden leg and by undertaking laborious agricultural work. Upon regaining her strength and confidence, she returned to Drache to join the ranks of the Royal Guard (as it was known at the time).

Leg Replacement and Name Change

Several attempts were made to replace her leg, of which almost all rejected. As such, she still has a hinged, wooden right leg below the kneecap, though it has been fleshed over to give it a living appearance.

Up until 486, Idelle still used her married name, despite the fact that she sought divorce in absence of her previous husband. As of recently, she has since converted her name back to her maiden, "Habri."

Marriage to Echades

After a lengthy relationship and the management of Idelle's child, Asis, the two formally wed. Such had been a long time coming in the eyes of many, as the elf and the Najjira woman had courted one another for nearly two years or so previously.

Education and Specialty

Idelle attended night classes while majoring in alchemy and physics at the Royal University from 478-481. Upon graduation, she used her degree in her investigations of arson, poisonings, and bombings around Drache. Her specialized knowledge led to the arrest and conviction of numerous individuals, to include two different Menxrukian cells responsible for the collective murder of twenty seven Drache residents.

Idelle was regarded as one of Drache's leading law enforcement experts in alchemical compositions as they relate to explosive devices and arson.

Use of Equipment

Generally, Idelle carries a Kukri, knife, pair of shackles, truncheon, and the pin along her belt signifying her as a Lieutenant of the Civic Guard at all times while on-duty.