Iskandar Focht

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Iskandar ul-Donnovath Focht
Vital Stats
Full Name: Iskandar ul-Donnovath Focht
Age: 30
Place of Birth: Arangoth
Race: Human
Hair Color: Dark/shaved
Eye Color: Light gray
Height: 6'0
Weight: 145 lbs
Additional Information
Nickname: Ish, Skand, Focht, You'll-never-get-away-with-this-you-bastard
Aliases: Several hidden identities currently not being used
Religion: Agnostic
Occupation: Royal Guard
Marital Status: Whores
Player: passepar2t

Character Background

Iskandar was named by his Najjira father, a refugee to Arangoth, who was forced to take a local name and his wife's surname when he got married. "Donnovath's" resurgent ethnic pride spelled the end of the acrimonious marriage.

The bitter divorce put a final nail in the coffin of the chance that Iskandar would grow up normal. The boy was always strange, having been born with severely reduced empathy for his fellow man; an innate power to read people; as well as an inborn talent for blood magic.

Since he left home to live independently, he has been a stone rolling downhill - going deeper into depravity but acquiring a powerful momentum. After being kicked out of several domains, he came to his late mother's home of Drache.

It is here, that he hopes to lay low and simultaneously tap into the lucrative bribes, extortion rackets and contraband seizures that a clever guardsman can get away with, using the money to develop his magical abilities and buy creature comforts. He also hates a certain type of criminal (to be determined) with a particular zeal and hopes to get them all off the streets.

In all outward respects, Focht is a model spellcaster, who is courteous to others and obeys the law. Very few people know of his antisocial personality disorder and he makes sure that those people meet an unfortunate end before they can spill the beans.

Physical Description

Tall and thin, almost emaciated, with extremely low body fat. He has a handsome enough face with a powerful jawline and pale gray eyes that look piercing and spooky against his light brown skin. He wears either a uniform or practical urban clothes and carries either a blunt cudgel or a utility wand.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Focht's innate sorcery is tempered by his partial learning of Arcane theory. He is a clever autodidact, always trying to develop his powers further, but there are gaps in his knowledge that can only be filled by proper university studies under an experienced archmage. His spells and spell-like abilities fall under several broad headings.

Blood Magic

His most powerful abilities. These include:

Biofeedback: Moving around his enchanted blood to magnify one of his senses, boost strength, speed or endurance or to speed up healing.

Sacrifice: By shedding his own blood, he can overcharge any one of his normal spells with arcane power, making them stronger.

Exsanguination: Drawing blood away from a foe and assimilating it into his own, healing him and giving him some of the victim's memories.

Compulsion Geas: Ritual spell that forces a victim's compliance - requires a phylactery of the victim's blood.


Blood magic and summoning go hand in hand. Beings he can summon temporarily include:

Half a dozen incorporeal spirits that cast hindersome spells.

Two or three corporeal spirits that can fight physically.

One medium-powered demon or extraplanar monster.

He can also commune with spirits of the dead, making him a decent detective.

Utility Spells

A generalist's basic repertoire. These spells aren't very powerful and are easily overcome by an expert.

Magic Missile: A seeking bolt of force

Mage Armor: Invisible force armor

Hold Person: Freeze victim in place temporarily

Mind Shield: Protects against telepathic reading and compulsion

Other Information