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Province: Minkbrantha
Year Founded: Circa 304-305

Kamhorna was the unofficial capital of the wild region known as Outer Arangoth. It consists mainly of a large castle which appears to have been built upon the corpse of an enormous giant. It has since been renamed to Caern.

Origins & History

According to the History of Elvendeep, between 304 to 305, Kamhorna was occupied by successive bands of Elves and Dwarves inclined towards banditry, gambling and quarreling. The region was taken over by the Kingdom of Arangoth, then in an expansionist phase, and put under the control of the Order of the Beady Eye. The rampant banditry in the area and its desolate nature made the area unimportant to Elvendeep, and an indemnity paid by Arangoth meant that the elves gave up the area without much fuss. The Order ruled in tyrannical fashion for the next century, but after the collapse of the Old Kingdom of Arangoth, Kamhorna was left in ruins and the land around it reverted to anarchy.

After BLKDRAGON and AngelSin restored the monarchy to Arangoth, the fortress was renovated, and attempts were made to return the lawless region to Arangothian control. Before long, however, Kamhorna became a stronghold for bandits once more.

In Sun's Height of 471, orcish forces from Zul Kiras invaded Outer Arangoth and captured Kamhorna during a campaign to destroy the mysterious Dark City and liberate the kingdom of Caern Rhia. After this, the orcish forces occupied the western half of Outer Arangoth and began to settle it, using Kamhorna as their unofficial capital.

Kamhorna was once part of Elvendeep prior to being claimed by Zul Kiras. Kamhorna is surrounded by the large, primitive death-mounds, or cairns, of the Primordial Giants, long since extinct.

Since the Zul Kiran defeat by the joint efforts of the Gulanadurians, Caern Rhians, and the Riders of the Horn, Kamhorna has been renamed to Caern and repurposed by the people of Minkbrantha. It now sits as the capital of this new duchy, where its ruler Asnerith Dreth commands with an iron fist.