Lane Silverbow

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Lane Silverbow
Lane Silverbow, Arms-Commander, Civic Guard.
General Information
Full Name: Lane Silverbow
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 66
Date of Birth: IX.23.423
Country of Origin: Elvendeep
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 180
Additional Information
Aliases: Jawbreaker, Mask
Creed: Sometimes the wrong thing is the right thing to do.
Occupation: Arms-Commander, Wharf Garrison; Balthire, Bathiretil; Knight of Glar-fost
Income: Upper middleclass
Marital Status: Single
Player: NotOnCue


Lane was born into a small family living just inside 'Deepish borders. His mother was the sister of soon-to-be Governor Topaz Silverbow, but due to his father being human, kept them away from Elfspire and gave them a quiet and modest life. Even at a young age, Lane had a very good connection to nature, a natural talent that was difficult for other half elves. It is a deep connection, rivaling some full blooded elves. Unfortunately, Lane oft times lacks the grace and light step of his half-elf and elven brethren.

Also unlike his brethren, he had a knack for an unconventional weapon compared to others; the crossbow. While he can use a longbow just fine, he prefers the heft of the crossbow and it's long range. His crossbow was made specifically for him, and he had a couple copies commissioned as well, just in case. The weapon is a combination of elven grace in the flowing design scrawled over its surface, dwarven brute force from the heft of the weapon, and gnomish ingenuity focused in one area only - the scope mounted on top. He might be clumsy at times, and hardly light-footed, but he is a hell of a sniper.

He served some time in the 'Deepish military as a scout on their borders, and eventually was released from active duty to be called upon should he be needed. Still feeling he could be of use, somewhere, he decided to go to Arangoth, where he ended up joining the Royal Guard. Almost immediately after donning the uniform, plague beset the city, and he was part of the quarantine patrol that stood watch at the wharf gate. It was a duty he was particularly suited to, as the only real way to keep people in the wharf was to use the stock of his crossbow and 'convince' them to stay away from the wall. This earned him the nickname Jawbreaker. The other moniker came from his use of a facemask that covered his nose and mouth, which he still tends to use to this day.

After the threat of plague had passed, Lane was part of the 'brute squad' on the wharf, helping to keep order on that side of the wall. Lane has no problem with being brutal when the job requires it, and the rough and tumble of the wharf was a suitable environment for him to work out some aggression. He broke up many a bar brawl by stepping in the midst of it and bringing things to a sudden end, usually finding the aggressors on the floor either unconscious or clutching their broken faces.

Lane rose swiftly through the ranks to become Lieutenant. Some time after, he retired briefly to pursue a quieter life, once he’d fulfilled the remainder of his duty to Elvendeep’s military. He found the retired life ultimately boring, rejoining the now Civic Guard at Sergeant. Proving to be a benefit to the guard and Drache, he once more rose swiftly through the ranks and in less than a year is in charge of the Wharf Garrison as Arms-Commander, as well as a separate command of a vampire hunting inquisition squad, the Bathiretil.

Known only to very few people is the fact that since the Nephthys vampire incident, Lane has been thrall to the former Sithire, and his increased strength, speed, and resilience to damage is entirely dependent on drinking her blood.

Having recently been knighted by Floxod Aridia Vloress, Lane's full title is: Sangliod ul-Glar-fost, Arms-Commander la Balthire ul-Lakrak Bobirairoth.


Outwardly, Lane tends to be very easy going and easy to talk to, though he cannot abide fools, and will certainly tell them how it is. He does have a very dark side, though this only tends to show when he is hunting vampires or dealing with violent people. Lane is a sociopath with violent tendencies, and greatly enjoys a good fight, so having an excuse to hurt people such as with the Bathiretil where he can take out his aggression on vampires, is a benefit to both himself and other denizens of the city.

Physical Description

Lane stands at 5'10" with a fairly stocky build. As a half-elf he does have a slight point to his ears, but nothing extreme, and could easily pass for completely human if necessary. His hair is dark, though graying with age, and his eyes are green. Several small scars adorn his face along his jaw, cheek, and across his nose.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

Lane is a Ranger, and an accomplished hunter and tracker. As such, he has some skills and spells at his disposal:

  • Favored Enemy: Undead, specializing in Vampires
  • Natural Explorer: Forest
  • Fighting Style: Archery
  • Summon Animal Companion: Dire Wolf
  • Ranger Archetype: Hunter
    • Hide in Plain Sight, Vanish, Feral Senses, Steel Will, Volley, Evasion


Magic Skills

  • Speak With Animals - Lane gain the ability to comprehend and verbally communicate with beasts for the duration of the spell, approximately 10 minutes.
  • Darkvision - Lane is granted the ability to see in the dark up to 60 feet for the duration of the spell, up to 2 hours.
  • Daylight - A 30 foot radius sphere of light spreads out from a single point within range for the duration of the spell. 20 minutes at 30 feet unless dispelled.
  • Flame Arrows - Any arrow this is cast upon will light aflame and can be used as a normal flaming arrow fired from a bow.
  • Freedom of Movement - Lane’s movement is unaffected by difficult terrain for the duration of the spell. 1 hour.
  • Stoneskin - Lane’s skin turns as hard as stone and resists nonmagical damage for the duration of the spell. 30 minutes.
  • Conjure Volley - Lane can fire a nonmagical arrow into the air at a point within range, causing duplicates of that arrow to fall on creatures within a 30 foot radius centered on that point. Range is 50-80 yards depending on whether he’s using his longbow or his crossbow.
  • Swift Quiver - For the duration of combat, this spell cause’s Lane’s quiver to produce an endless supply of nonmagical ammunition.

As a 'Dark Ranger', he has skills and spells that augment those ranger skills already at his disposal:

  • Tainted Arrow - Lane can craft black arrows from pure shadow, which are just as solid as normal arrows and besides normal arrow damage, can also do aggravated and cumulative poison damage as well. After the arrow makes a successful hit, it dissipates into wisps of shadow that fade away, leaving the puncture wound to bleed out.
  • Volatile Poison - Due to the nature of the poison from the Tainted Arrows, an enemy that dies while infected can explode, causing damage to nearby enemies.
  • Summon Shadow Companion - Lane can summon a shadow version of his dire wolf. This lasts only for the duration of combat, or until sun-up, and can be used only once per day. Lane has to maintain line of sight with the shadow companion, and be within 20 yards to keep it from unsummoning.
  • Weight of Shadows - Lane can control the shadows themselves, bending them to his will within his line of sight. As this is a ritual, it can take a couple rounds to perform.



  • Two blessed steel elven shortswords
  • The Black Rose, an all black wood and metal heavy crossbow modified with two sets of arms to fire arrows and stakes at higher velocity.
  • A knightly longsword gifted to him by Aridia Vloress that when wielded, amplifies his magic to some small extent.
  • Recurve Longbow
  • Various arrows, some designed especially for vampire hunting. (Holy water, blessed steel)


  • Civic Guard armor with some modifications for vampire hunting, including a thick leather collar that can be fastened around the throat to prevent bites.


  • Stakes
  • Various knives
  • Potions (Haste, Berserker, Healing, Stoneskin)
  • Null-magic shackles: All members of the Civic Guard are required to carry at least one pair of these to prevent magically inclined prisoners from utilizing their spells to escape capture or injure civilians of guardsmen while being detained.