Laws of Transdariania

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These are the governing edicts of Drache, that have held since the days of BLKDRAGON and the Regency. It should be noted that these are not the same as the channel rules. ather these laws apply to characters residing in the part of Arangoth governed by the Sithire, not to players themselves.

Edict 0 - Support of the Empire

1. No one shall act in a way that harms the Kingdom, the Reigning Monarchs, the heirs of the Monarchs, their inheritance, or any royally appointed official. Let no rule stand against this edict, nor any heart stray from its intent.

A. This edict supercedes Jurisdiction.

B. Not even the Reigning Monarchs are above the reach of this edict. The Reigning Monarch risks forfeiting his or her Crown and life if the actions of said Monarch endanger the welfare of the kingdom through incompetence or maliciousness, or if the Monarch fails to honor and uphold the rights and privileges granted to the Northern Aragothian Estates, the Sithire of Southern Arangoth, and the Elders of the Sresar Vale.

C. The heir of the Monarchs is selected by the Royal House according to its own rules.

Edict 1 - Jurisdiction

1. Except as noted in the previous edict the Jurisdiction of these laws shall be the Kingdom and all occurrences within it.

2. The Jurisdiction of these laws includes any lands within the borders of the Kingdom, any protectorate states, and any other states in which jurisdiction is extended by treaty.

3. The Jurisdiction of any appointed judge will be limited in scope by their appointment which will include limits on range and activities.

4. Upon the commencement of any investigation of an Imminent Danger to the Kingdom a notification and report must be sent to the Monarchs immediately.

5. Except as explicitly noted, no judge will be given jurisdiction over occurrences outside of the borders of the Kingdom, except for the actions of Crown officials abroad, and when granted jurisdiction to try an Arangothian citizen by the rulers of the land in which the crime took place.

Edict 2 - The Kingdom

1. The Kingdom consists of all territory claimed by the Monarchs or their servants.

2. The Kingdom may claim territory anytime, anywhere. This will be done only by orders of the Monarch. The Monarchy will make reasonable attempts to notify any inhabitants of the territory but failure to notify will not be cause to rescind the claim.

Edict 3 - Regents of the Crown

1. Monarchs of the Kingdom may appoint a Regent to govern in their stead at any time and for any reason.

2. Regents may be appointed by the Crown's Privy Council upon the death of a Monarch if the heir to the throne is not yet old enough to rule.

3. Regents shall enjoy plenary power over all policy, both foreign and domestic, and may use any legislative, judicial, or executive power that normally rests i n the hands of the Reigning Monarch. Regents may use whatever means they decide proper to protect Arangoth and its citizens.

4. Regents may be appointed to rule the Kingdom in times of absence of an heir of legitimate blood until such an heir can be found.

5. Regents of the Crown may be removed from office by the Monarch that appointed them, by the heir of said Monarch upon reaching the age of ascendance prescribed by tradition (reckoned from the date of the heir apparent's Brakerrat), or at any point thereafter in which the heir assumes full control of the kingdom. In the case of Point 4, once a suitable heir is found, the appointed Regent will turn Royal Authority over to the new heir.

6. Regents of the Crown are to be held to the same standards of upright conduct as rightful Monarchs, and treasonous or tyrannical behavior will be punished under the law with a swift death.

Edict 4 - The Sithire

1. A Sithire appointed by the Monarch or the appointed Regent thereof shall be the governing agent of Transdariania and Arania, with all the traditional authorities of provincial governors over internal affairs.

2. The Crown (including all agents and ministers thereof) is forbidden from seizing property, imprisoning citizens, or punishing citizens within the territory under the Sithire's administration outside of the established legal system.

3. The Crown may not levy or raise taxes in Transdariania and Arania without the consent of the Sithire. And reciprocally, that the Sithire may not raise taxes or levy new taxes within its domains without the consent of the Crown.

4. The Crown grants the Sithire the authority to make agreements with other nations insofar as it applies to maritime trade. The Sithire may also negotiate provisional treaties with other nations, subject to the subsequent ratification of the Crown.

5. The Southern provinces of Arania and Transdariania will be allowed to keep their current code of laws, legal rights and privileges, magistrates, and court structure. Any citizen arrested in the southern provinces is to be tried under Southern Law, while any citizen arrested in the north is to be tried under Northern Law.

6. The Crown (including all agents and ministers thereof) is forbidden from extraditing citizens to foreign courts from the provinces of Transdariania and Arania.

7. The reigning Monarch will reside in Drache not less than four months out of the year. In addition, the Monarch will grant a personal audience to the Sithire not less than once per year.

8. The Sithire will be allowed to maintain control over the Royal Guard, the Border Watch, and all such similar law enforcement agencies in the areas formerly under the Regency Council's domain.

9. There will be no internal tariffs laid for transporting goods from one part of the kingdom to another, nor tolls impeding the travel of persons between Transdariania and Arania and the rest of the Kingdom.

10. The provision of the Currency Decree of 469 that decrees that foreign currency will not be deemed legal tender within the borders of Arangoth does not apply within the city limits of Drache so as not to hinder commerce. All currencies currently accepted in payment of taxes, duties, tolls, fines, etc. will continue to be accepted as before, on the basis of the weight of the precious metals.

11. The reigning Monarch recognizes that he is held bound by this agreement as he is by the oath given to the Northern Estates, and the Monarch risks the forfeiture of life and crown for violating them.

12. The Sithire is in all ways subject to the laws of the Kingdom, subject to audit by the Crown or the lawfully appointed agents thereof, is in no way immune from prosecution for abuses of authority or violation of the law.