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Musigirek Pallod (Arangothek)
Racial Characteristics
Average Height: Racial
Average Weight: Racial
Other Information
Related Races: Vampires

Race Origins

Though liches are incredibly rare undead specimens, they are still relatively bound by the same magics and the same rules.

All liches without fail are aged and extraordinarily able magic-users, most often from the near-immortal ranks of Elves and their ilk. Though humans and other short-lived races are typically those that seek eternal life, they rarely are capable enough by the time they are venerable to pursue their transformation into a lich. Elves, on the other hand, typically find as their long lives draw to an end that they are not ready to leave Siveth and devote their remaining few centuries to studying their transformation into a lich.

There are obviously other reasons for joining the sparse ranks of lichdom than just long life. Some are morbidly curious of what being undead is like. Some want to have their essence split into several phylacteries, for protective purposes or otherwise. Some others do so by accident, though that has only been recorded once by Lichomos III himself.

Typical Racial Characteristics

Immortality: All liches, by their undead nature, are immortal. They can still die from their soul being destroyed, but old age is a thing of the past for a lich. They require neither food nor drink, sleep nor rest. They are effectively sentient undead machines, their bodies little more than magical constructs with a mortal mind controlling them. This immortality often comes with a price however: mortal minds are not meant to live forever, and most liches become insane or senile sooner rather than later.

Magical Mastery: Liches are masters of magic. They must be in order to succeed in the laborious and lengthy rituals that are required in order to become a lich in the first place. There are numerous schools of magic that liches are able to master, though none are able to utilize any sort of holy magic due to their undead nature. To attempt to do so would mean immediate obliteration of their soul and nothing but glowing dust on the ground where their undead body once stood.

Undead Magnetism Undead naturally congregate towards liches due to their unholy presence. There are numerous different theories for why exactly undead only exhibit this pack instinct around liches, but no mortal has been able to ask a lich and live to talk about it. For a lich that seeks a solitary existence, they will be sorely disappointed when their walls are battered endlessly by mindless undead in an effort to be ever-closer to their unwilling master.

Soul Shattering Liches, as a portion of their ritual, must split their souls into several physical manifestations. This comes as both a blessing and a curse. Firstly, the power of a lich is directly proportional to their proximity to their soul shards. If a lich is millions of miles away from any of their shards, they will be barely a flicker compared to the brilliant power of a lich when their entire store of phylacteries is right in front of them. This also means that if one in five phylacteries are near the lich, that lich will only utilize one-fifth of their true power. It also means, however, that their soul can only be destroyed by physical means. If a lich hides their phylacteries well enough, they will be effectively unkillable.