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The Magistrates of the Chancellery are the judges of Drache, empowered to hold trials in its courts of law. In Drache, it's not just a figure of speech when people say that justice carries a sword.


The Chancellery is the judicial arm of the Transdarianian government and is responsible for trying criminals and hearing civil suits. In addition, the Chancellery is empowered to audit other officials or organizations and hear applications for citizenship. The head of the Chancellery is the Lord/Lady Chancellor, who is appointed directly by the Sithire. The Lord Chancellor in turn appoints the Magistrates. The insignia of the Chancellery is pair of golden scales over a sword, sometimes depicted on a shield with a sun rising over it.

Trial Locations

While Drache was still a relatively new city plagued by frequent disasters, there wasn't the time (or resources) to build a proper courthouse. Trials in the past have been held at Castle Black, in the Podar ul-Sinetattel (the headquarters of the Privy Council and Drachean Council), in inns and theaters, and even within the Civic Guard guardhouse's dungeons. However, as the city has grown, modern day Magistrates only hold court in specificied government buildings, such as the Drachean Courthouse within the Chancellery, or in very rare cases, the court of Castle Black at the Sithire's behest.

Attire and Appearance

Magistrates can be recognized by the black robes or black clothing worn while acting in an official capacity, as well as a gorget, a crescent-shaped steel medallion engraved with the insignia of the Chancellery. Many Magistrates wear plain woolen robes when out in public, to curtail the financial burden of replacing robes sliced to ribbons by swords or burned to cinders by magical fire. Many magistrates wear armor while on duty, and almost all of them carry arms in public.

Roster of Magistrates

The list of current Magistrates can be found on the Officials page.