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BlkDragon Wiki

Welcome to the Official BlkDragon Wiki page
Home to 497 articles and growing
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The Known World

New Players!

Please check out A Beginner's Guide to Roleplay in the World of the BlkDragon Inn for the basics, tips, and ideas. Welcome!

Setting Basics

Play in #BlkDragon*Inn takes place in the BlkDragon Inn, a tavern in the port city of Drache in the nation of Arangoth.

BlkDragon Wiki

This encyclopedia is host to all the information you would want or like to know about the world around which the #BlkDragon*Inn exists.

Feel free to browse the categories, or, if you have something more direct in mind, search the database to pull up the subject which you want to know more about it. Talk to a mod about obtaining wiki access.