Marqhen Alajin

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Marqhen Alajin
Vital Stats
Full Name: Marqhenalajin
Age: 28
Race: Alajin
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'8" (172cm)
Weight: 303lb (137.5kg)
Additional Information
Nickname: Marqhen
Religion: None
Occupation: Royal Guard
Marital Status: Married
Player: Tagert

Character Background

Marqhen arrived in Drache in the year 475, and soon after joined the Royal Guard, and found himself quickly elevated up the ranks. He currently holds the rank of Arms-Lieutenant, and is primarily stationed at the Main Guardhouse but transfers to the Wharf District as required.

Over the years Marqhen has found himself involved in many of the cataclysmic events that routinely trouble the city. He survived the great plague that struck soon after his arrival, assisted in defeating those otherworldy invaders attempting to immanentize the eschaton, fought an arch-demon where he had his wings physically ripped from his body, just to name a few.

During this time he managed to find time to meet and marry his present spouse, Ryal Stygian, and they have lived with each other for several years.

As for his past before Drache, Marqhen does not speak of it, preferring instead to focus on the present.

Physical Description

He is not a physically imposing person, standing at a relatively short 5'8" and looking to have a slim-to-average build. Though not without a toned build, he does not appear to be overly strong. He has what many would consider average looks, perhaps spoiled (or improved, depending on opinions) by several small scars littered about his body. He keeps his brown hair cropped short, and tends to wear that same colour clothing.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Marqhen is skilled, though not mastered, in most weapons. While on duty he tends to prefer weapons that can disable or bludgeon.


The Alajin were crafted or bred to be Vessels for celestial beings such as angels. These beings house such power within them that they cannot inhabit an unprepared body without destroying it after a short time. As a vessel, Marqhen provides a near perfect host for it, able to hold it indefinitely as well as instilling it the innate abilities of the body.

Marqhen himself is just the host, and while possessed by one of these beings has his personality supressed.

Weighing more than twice his appearance, Marqhen's entire body is more robust: His bones are stronger so they do not break as 'easily', his muscles are stronger, and he has several redundant organs that stay dormant till required. His eyesight, hearing, and smell are all enhanced. Prior to having them removed, Marqhen had a pair of massive wings that somehow allowed him aloft, and so he has a large network of muscles in his back that are mostly useless now that the wings are gone. He heals faster than normal, though still requires time to recover.

Marqhen can sleep on his feet.

Other Information