Merchants' Square

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Merchants' Square
Geographical Information
Location: Drache
Geographical Features: Merchants!
Region In: Arangoth


One of the few broad avenues in the city of Drache, Market Street connects the BlkDragon District of the city with the Merchants' District, where it opens into the large plaza that gives the district its name.

Most Notable Features

From dawn until dusk, every day of the week except Sundas (Sunday), Market Street and the Merchants' Square are filled to capacity by people buying and selling items of every kind, from foodstuffs to rare antiques from across the sea. Nearly any conceivable item can be purchased from the market if one has the money and the patience to find it. The crowds are so thick at the market that it is practically impossible to get anywhere without elbowing one's way through the throng.

In addition to those buying and selling, minstrels and other performers work the crowds for their daily bread, while philosophers and prophets of strange religions seek to recruit new followers from the crowds. Owning a shop along the perimeter of the Square is considered a mark of prestige among Drache's merchant community, as such a location practically guarantees that the business will prosper. Similarly, vendors compete fiercely for a spot near a huge black marble fountain that dominates the center of the Merchants' Square. This fountain is a 15'-tall statue of King BLKDRAGON and Queen AngelSin, surrounded by a circle of ten dragons made of bronze spouting water into the fountain's basin, and it is one of the most famous landmarks in the entire city.