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Country Information
Capital: Mhernettla
Languages: Arangothek, Common
Ethnic Group: Varied
Government: Protectorate-State of Transdariania
Current Ruler: Governor Dokern ul-Meduth Sorrowmire
Currency: Drachean Bank Crown


Mhernettla is a former Korthai port town on the lands of the late Harlst Mhern-Lathvek, a Transdarianian noble adopted into the Korthai. The rapid re-growth of the Elgar Forest during the Interregnum period means the peninsula Mhernettla is located upon is virtually cut off from the rest of Arangoth by land. Due to the Arangothian Civil War, and other calamities, natural and unnatural, in the region, it's difficult to pin down the moment when The Dark, a fearsome force of evil, took root within and overtook the settlement, corrupting its inhabitants into monsters of darkness and undeath. In the Year 488, Mhernettla was liberated from the forces of The Dark, and attempts are being made by its inhabitants and the lands in its immediate surroundings to create stable settlements on the farthest edges of the Elgar's reach.

Notable Historical Figures

Korthai Lord Harlst-Mhern Lathvek, adopted into the Korthai, had a seat on Drache's Regency Council, and made use of his Korthai allies to supplement Arangoth's fledgling navy and to bring grain to the city during the famine that prompted the Council's rise to power. Mhern-Lathvek, soon after the "Vloress Affair" in Drache accompanied by the simmering political upheaval that was brewing, retired to Mhernettla to govern the Korthai there. Harlst's fate was ultimately entwined with the fall of the settlement, and perished along with it when it was overtaken by the Elgar's corruption.

Geographical Features

Mhernettla is located on the Southern coast to the east of Drache in the Elgar Forest. The town is on the former lands of Halrlst Mhern-Lathvek, an Arangothian noble adopted into the Korthai. The rapid re-growth of the Elgar Forest during the Interregnum period makes the peninsula Mhernettla is located upon virtually cut off from the rest of Arangoth by land. The peninsula that Mhernettla is located on is, obviously, surrounded on all sides by the waters of the South Sea, while the territory itself is heavily forested, though farmsteading and settlements in the regiona round Mhernettla proper have changed this detail to some degree.

Government and Politics

The power structure within Mhernettla is based around the various feudal lords, some of which comprise a council to advise and perpetuate political and economic discourse, with the governor of Mhernettla serving as its head of state. The merchantile minded Sorrowmire's, of which the governor is one, are one of the main political factions within the city. The city itself serves as the port of call for trade in the wider region, as land based travel is, at best, difficult to near impossible due to the Elgar's terrain.


While the city has its own infrastructure of guardsmen and peace officers, the largest source of military strength comes from the territorial lords within the Mhernettla region. As a protectorate-state of Transdariania, it also serves double duty as an outpost for the Transdarianian Navy ships.