Natalia Derseblan

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Natalia Derseblan
Vital Stats
Full Name: Natalia Mina Derseblan
Age: 50
Date of Birth: 8th day of Evening Star, in the year 432 (December 8th)
Place of Birth: Sresar Vale
Race: Mostly Human, with a touch of Elvish
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
Height: 5'4"
Additional Information
Nickname: Nat
Religion: Menxism
Occupation: Former Courtesan at The House of the Silver Swan and Owner of The Cat's Pajamas Playhouse and Brothel
Player: Suzthulhu

Character Background

Within the sparsely clustered villages in Sresar Vale, the Derseblans were some of the most well-known vintners ever to grow, harvest, and make wine from wild white grapes, cultivated to domesticity. Family history traced some elven heritage down the matriarchal line, back several generations. It would explain both their abilities in the vineyard as well as why the woman look young well into what would be considered old age.

Natalia was born to a large family with several brothers and sisters, and with so many children, even the success of the vineyard couldn't provide enough for all of them. In order to get a good education, Natalia went to live with a relative in Drache to attend school. Shortly before she came of age, the relative--an aging aunt--died quite suddenly, leaving her home and a small inheritance to Natalia. In order to avoid finding herself on the streets when the money ran out, Natalia turned to prostitution to make money. Her social graces and beauty eventually landed her a job as a courtesan at The House of the Silver Swan, one of the more upscale brothels in the city.

It was there she met Resque Maessen, who became a regular client. He convinced her to stop working at the brothel and go into business for herself. Natalia used money she'd saved from her years as a popular courtesan to purchase and renovate the manor house in the Mingit District that today houses The Cat's Pajamas playhouse and brothel.

It wasn't too long thereafter that she learned she was pregnant with Resque's child. Their relationship continued for a time, though they never married, and upon learning the news of his death after the birth of their daughter, Rohaisa, she was devastated. She took some time away, both to grieve and to raise her daughter, but has been seen at the playhouse and around the city again, as though she'd never left.

Physical Description

Natalia is a petite woman overall, save for her huge... tracts of land. She has platinum blonde hair that when loose, falls to the backs of her thighs; she usually keeps it up in a fashionable updo. Her crystal clear, topaz blue eyes are her most striking trait, and her smooth, peachy pale skin still shows little signs of aging.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Aside from the obvious talents that come with her profession, Natalia is a talented singer. She is also very well-read.