Nesira Vertal

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Nesira Vertal
General Information
Full Name: Lieutenant Nesira Vertal
Race: Sorani elf
Gender: Female
Age: 137
Date of Birth: 7.VII.353
Country of Origin: Elvendeep
Hair Color: Strawberry blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’5
Weight: 100lbs
Additional Information
Aliases: Nes
Religion: Religion of Elvendeep
Occupation: Lieutenant of the Aerial Defense Corps
Income: Modest
Marital Status: Single
Player: Nemmiecakes


Nesira Vertal grew up in Galanthral, a village in the Soranion Forest nestled up against the Grey Fang Mountains in Elvendeep. The village was known primarily for its breeding program of the giant steppe eagles that make up the mounts for the Swift Talon, having long perfected the breeding and training programs for these majestic animals. Her family was one such caretakers, and Nesira grew up around the massive birds as a child, taking care of them as some of her earliest chores and memories.

When she was in her mid-twenties, she happened to oversee the hatching of an egg. The eaglet was having some difficulty breaking through the hard shell of the egg and Nesira interceded on its behalf, using a small pick and hammer. The eaglet in its eagerness struggled to meet her, jutting its beak through the shell and scratching the left side of its cere. It was love at first sight.

Nesira named the eaglet ‘Scar’, and due to his bonding to her, she enlisted in the rigorous training of the Swift Talon eagle riders. She was the first female to become a member of this elite force. Training daily both to care for her eagle, as well as to shoot from its back in mid flight, and other manners of combat, she eventually earned her spot as First Lieutenant under Captain Nerin Silva.

The young eagle rider served in multiple tours of duty against the orcs of Zul Kiras. A veteran of a number of battles and skirmishes over the century have given her ample time to hone her abilities.

Much later, as a delegation was sent from Elvendeep to Transdariania, a detachment of Swift Talon were to accompany the new ambassador as an honour guard. It was here that Nesira came to appreciate and even love Drache. The Swift Talon that were stationed in the city founded the Eyrie on the then outskirts to the west. When the Swift Talon were recalled back to Elvendeep to continue their skirmishes with the Zul Kiran orcs, the Eyrie became the new home for the Aerial Defense Corps.

Following this most recent campaign against Zul Kiras, Nesira retired with honours from the Swift Talon and returned to Drache, her new home. She enlisted in the Aerial Defense Corps almost immediately.


Nesira is an outgoing wild elf, eager to learn about new people and cultures wherever she goes. During her long assignment in Drache, she learned to love the city despite her heritage, and even enjoyed her stay there enough that she returned following the last campaign. She is easy going and friendly, but deadly serious in a fight.

Physical Description

Nesira is a short elven women with short cropped rusty blonde hair and vivid green eyes. Slim and diminutive, she is all whipcord muscle without much spare fat on her slender frame. Despite leaving the Swift Talon, while on duty, she still adopts their uniform: mottled brown-black leathers with embroidery of feathers in both flight jacket and fitted pants. Off duty, she favours earth tones, perhaps as a memory of home.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

Nesira is a wild elf, and has all of their natural dexterity and agility. She is of average strength for an elf her size and training, but is capable of pulling the recurve bow used in combat from atop her eagle. Her hearing and eyesight is quite good, like many of her race.

Mundane Skills

  • Archery: After many hard years of training and practical application, Nesira is quite proficient in the use of a bow. She is able to make her shots from a distance of 100 yards, either on the ground, or while circling above on her eagle.
  • Combat: Nesira was also trained to fight with a blade on the ground. Hand to hand combat sees her at a distinct disadvantage given her smaller size, but with a sword she is adept.
  • Eagle Riding: Nesira knows how to sit, guide and ride her giant eagle companion. Once strapped in, she is quite capable of raining arrows of death upon her targets.
  • Survival: Nesira knows how to survive on her own with, or without her eagle in the wild. As a wild elf, she was trained in such things as a child, and knows what is safe to eat. She can make rough shelters and survive for weeks on her own if separated from the rest of her wing.

Magic Skills




  • Composite Recurve Pyramid Bow: Standard issue to all Swift Talon, this composite bow is painted with low gloss black paint, and has quite an impressive pull, capable of shooting at upwards of a hundred yards.
  • Karambit: A curved black blade worn strapped to the right thigh, to be used as a utility knife, or in combat if necessary.
  • Short Sword: A mithril Deepish crafted sword worn on the left hip. This sword is about eight inches long and features a matching ebony hilt.


  • Flight Leathers: Standard issue to all Swift Talon, these leathers are mottled brown-black and feature a delicate embroidery that suggests layered feathers. The jacket is lined with fur and worn over the mithril shirt. Matching pants and boots complete the look. Googles, a thick woolen scarf, boots and gloves are also included.
  • Mithril Shirt: A Deepish crafted mithril shirt is worn beneath the flight leathers as protection against arrows and blades alike.


  • Giant Eagle: Scar is a giant steppe eagle bred in Galanthral. He stands about 7 feet in height and capable of carrying his rider. Scar is quite maneuverable and dextrous in flight and capable of diving down to seize enemies to be dropped from great heights. His talons are long and have made quite the amount of damage on enemy commanders and supply trains alike.
  • Harness: A specially crafted leather harness that fits on Scar. Its straps must be maintained and properly oiled regularly to retain its suppleness.