Nobility Schemes - Character Template

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This is the basic information that the ops are looking for regarding the Nobility Schemes characters. So keep it in mind when fleshing out your character. Example below.

[b]Character Name:[/b]




[b]Blackmail 1:[/b]
[b]Blackmail 2:[/b]

Number: (Assigned by an op when you register)
Player: (Your name)
Character Name: Your character's name
Position: (Profession or class, are they a merchant, knight, vassal, noble, etc)
Affiliation: (Aligned to the north, south or other faction)


(Free write to talk about what sort of goals your characters might be trying to accomplish IC.)


Liability: Liability Secret Info
Ambition: Ambition Secret Info
Influence: Influence Secret Info

Blackmail 1: (Determined by an op after March 23rd)
Blackmail 2: (Determined by an op after March 23rd)