Nobility Schemes - Rules & Creation

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  • Players must register their characters prior to play, during the registration period. Adjusting the game after the registration period will be difficult.
  • Players will be limited to only one noble character each to participate, unless it's a GMPC.
  • Players will be expected to play and update their characters, or to advance their scheming via in channel play regularly. Players who take longer than 10 days without prior warning will be skipped. Please try to avoid that, as it imbalances the game somewhat and the GMs will be required to NPC your character.
  • All play will be done transparently. Meaning, this will be done in public BDI channels with logs posted to the forums. Play can be correspondences between characters, clandestine meetings, parties, meetings, etc.
  • Given that play will be transparent, absolutely no meta gaming will be tolerated whatsoever. If your character displays a knowledge of information that they have no way of knowing, you will be asked to correct it or prove how you obtained it IC.

Character Creation

  • Registration will last for two weeks. Once registration is closed, ops will begin Blackmail Secrets selection. (More on that below.)
  • During development with the ops, the character will be assigned to a province of Arangoth if they're native, or a faction of either the north or the south to support. (This can be changed, during play and done in a visible way.)
  • Characters will be assigned a number based on their signup, so that the first character will be number 1, etc. This list will be kept tallied in the signup post and updated regularly until the end of registration.


Each character will have a total of five secrets that they are attempting to guard or advance on other players. The first three secrets are determined by the player (with op approval), and will be used to supply other characters with Blackmail secrets. With the exception of the blackmail secrets, only the player and the GMs will be privy to all of the secrets a character is trying to protect.

The Liability Secret

One secret must be a vice or politically dangerous fact, experience or story that can be exploited upon discovery by another player. This is something that the player will want to protect, for fear of being ruined by its discovery.


  • Perhaps you have cuckolded your husband and are actually carrying the stable boy's bastard.
  • You poisoned your father so you could inherit his seat sooner.
  • You have a spy in your household and don't know it (yet). This spy will be working for another character, and is likely a close servant or confidant of some sort, determined by you.

The Ambitious Secret

One secret must be a politically minded goal, such as increasing one's men at arms allotment, trying to arrange a well placed marriage for themselves or a family member, or seeking the asssination of a political rival. This secret does not have to be damaging to the character if it were to be revealed.

The Influence Secret

One secret must be a more benign ambition, something that will increase your influence on the stage. You could have come into wealth suddenly, or at looking to employ a different caravan company to carry your goods. This secret should be a way to strengthen your position on the chess board, to either the good or detriment of those around you.

The Blackmail Secrets

The two remaining secrets will be chosen at random by the ops after all players have made their characters. These secrets will be two other players' developed secrets. These will be determined after the registration period has closed with the following method:

Determining Blackmail

  • The ops will roll 1d(number of characters) to select a character that does not belong to the player. If needed, the ops will reroll.
  • Then, they will roll 1d3, to select a secret, and reveal it to the player.
  • Repeat once, so that the player will have their two secrets belonging to two different characters. If by chance the same character is selected, another reroll will be done so that it selects a different character.

Caveat: The ops can chose to reroll at their discretion if the dice are heavily focusing on a small selection of players. The intention is so that each secret is only revealed two, maybe three times in total. We will keep track of this to try to prevent this, or at least keep an eye on it. (This is entirely experimental, so we'll see what happens!)