Old Arangothian Currency

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With no central government authority to regulate the issuance of currency during the Interregnum, Arangoth's monetary system became a hodge-podge of local and foreign currencies. This led bankers and moneylenders to create the Bank Crown as an accounting unit to deal with this confusing situation. King Arlok ul-Dorn recognized the need for reform, and addressed the problem shortly after his coronation with his Currency Decree of Evening Star of 469. The decree states:

"Be it herewith decreed that a new monetary system is and shall be established in the Kingdom of Arangoth. We are aware that the current monetary system is flawed, insofar as the coinage of the realm has had no fixed weight or value. It has come to Our attention that many unscrupulous persons, on having prices quoted in "gold coins," for example, have paid with extraordinarily small, lightweight coins, while demanding coins thrice this same weight whenever payments are made to them. We have also examined many coins in circulation and have discovered that many "gold" and "silver" coins are in fact made of a base metal alloy, often containing much tin and/or nickel. We therefore decree the introduction of a new monetary system, according to which:

100 quaspins = 1 rixtle
100 rixtles = 1 lurinthoon

The banking unit known as the "Arangothian Crown" is to be deemed equivalent to a half-rixtle or 50 quaspins. Thus:

1 quaspin = 0.02 crown
1 rixtle = 2 crowns

1 lurinthoon = 200 crowns"

Gold Coins

The smaller gold coins have on their obverse a picture of a tower or fortification with the inscription ARLOK APTENTROD UL FLUNBRANTH (Arlok, Guardian of the East). The reverse shows a different weapon (sword, axe, etc., depending on denomination) with the inscription: SIGOVATH NE GINTELIMIL (Death to Our Enemies).

The larger gold coins (two and five lurinthoons) bear a joint portrait of the King and Queen enthroned, with the text ARLOK GOSSATH LA MELINXA GOSPINOTH (King Arlok and Queen Melinxa). The reverse of the two-lurinthoon piece portrays the Royal Palace of Tagrana, with merely the inscription TAGRANA. The reverse of the five-lurinthoon piece shows the castle of Hornath-ul-Marfed with both sun and double-moon in the sky. The inscription is: GORDONTH BEN BAN PIR (A lantern constantly).

Gold Denominations

Gold coins in Arangoth are called lurinthoons, from the Arangothek word for gold.

  1. Five Lurinthoon piece = 1000.00 Bank Crowns
  2. Two Lurinthoon piece = 400.00 Bank Crowns
  3. Lurinthoon = 200.00 Bank Crowns
  4. Half Lurinthoon = 100.00 Bank Crowns
  5. Quarter Lurinthoon = 50.00 Bank Crowns

Silver Coins

The silver coins bear the royal portrait together with the text, ARLOK ME MENXVAN GOSSATH UL ARANGOTH (Arlok, with Menxvan, King of Arangoth). The reverse shows a mountain with a dove sitting at its top, and bears the inscription TETHRA TIN RUTHMARNA (Peace in Ruthmarna). The ten-rixtle piece shows the King standing in full armor and bearing a sword. The twenty-rixtle piece is similar, but shows the King with a Ruthmarna bandit kneeling before him. The detail on the reverse varies depending on size: on the twenty-rixtle piece a village can be seen on the mountainside.

Silver Denominations

Silver coins in Arangoth are called Rixtles, from the Arangothek word for silver.

  1. Twenty Rixtle piece = 40.00 Bank Crowns
  2. Ten Rixtle piece = 20.00 Bank Crowns
  3. Four Rixtle piece = 8.00 Bank Crowns
  4. Double Rixtle = 4.00 Bank Crowns
  5. Rixtle = 2.00 Bank Crowns
  6. Half-rixtle or "Crown" = 1.00 Bank Crown

Base Metal Coins

The base-metal coins portray on the obverse the Arangothian crown surrounded by the text (abbreviated on smaller coins): ARLOK ME MENXVAN GOSSATH UL ARANGOTH (Arlok, with Menxvan, King of Arangoth). The reverse bears the inscription TISPAT TA GOXODELOTH (Food for the People), together with a picture of a bundle of grain. The 40 and 20 quaspin pieces instead show a cart of grain on their reverse.

Base Metal Denominations

Base Metal coins in Arangoth are called Quaspins, from the Arangothek word for copper.

  1. Forty Quaspin piece = 0.80 Bank Crowns
  2. Twenty Quaspin piece = 0.40 Bank Crowns
  3. Ten Quaspin piece = 0.20 Bank Crowns
  4. Four Quaspin piece = 0.08 Bank Crowns
  5. Double Quaspin = 0.04 Bank Crowns
  6. Quaspin = 0.02 Bank Crowns
  7. Half-quaspin = 0.01 Bank Crowns

Weight & Dimensions

Metal Type Coin Thickness Diameter Weight
Copper 100% Half-Quaspin 1mm 10.83mm .83 grams
Quaspin 1mm 15.31mm 1.65 grams
Double Quaspin 2mm 15.31mm 3.3 grams
Four Quaspin Piece 2mm 21.65mm 6.6 grams
Ten Quaspin Piece 3mm 27.96mm 16.5 grams
Twenty Quaspin Piece 4mm 34.24mm 33 grams
Forty Quaspin Piece 4mm 43.31mm 66 grams
Silver 90%, Nickel 10% Half-Rixtle 2mm 13.59mm 3.04 grams
Rixtle 2mm 19.22mm 6.09 grams
Double-Rixtle 2mm 27,18mm 12.17 grams
Four Rixtle Piece 3mm 31.39mm 24.35 grams
Ten Rixtle Piece 5mm 38.44mm 60.87 grams
Twenty Rixtle Piece 6mm 49.62mm 121 grams
Gold 90%, Copper 10% Quarter-Lurinthoon 3mm 18.14mm 6.94 grams
Half-Lurinthoon 3mm 25.65mm 13.89 grams
Lurinthoon 3mm 36.27mm 27.77 grams
Double-Lurinthoon 5mm 39.73mm 55.55 grams
Five Lurinthoon Piece 5mm 62.82mm 138.87 grams

Value By Weight

Bullion Bars:

1 kg of gold = 8000 bank crowns 1 kg of silver = 363.64 bank crowns

1kg of gold 90%/copper 10% = 7201.21 bank crowns 1kg of silver 90%/nickel 10% = 328.58 bank crowns

Other Provisions of the Currency Decree

Legal Penalties

  • The denominations are clearly marked on all coins. Counterfeiting the money of the realm shall be punished with swift death.
  • Anyone found clipping metal from coins of the realm shall have his or her fingers and toes "clipped."

Regarding Foreign Currencies

Foreign moneys, which have long circulated in Arangoth and caused great confusion, shall no longer be deemed legal tender. All future tolls, duties, fines, and other official payments must be made using this new currency. The sole exception to this shall be within the boundaries of the city of Drache.

Disposition of Obsolete Currency

Old coins may be exchanged for the new currency by weight and metal, with a 4% re-minting fee. The money taken in from this fee is to go directly into a royal fund to purchase grain for the starving poor of Drache.

Drachean Bank Crowns

Drache is a port city that thrives on commerce, so there are almost as many currencies in circulation in Drache as there are foreign visitors to the city. To make transactions easier with this baffling array of coinage, the most common financial unit in Drache is the Bank Crown, which is a banking unit used for accounting and moneychanging. Most businesses and even the government in Drache sets values in Bank Crowns, which are then either collected or paid out in various currencies. In Arangoth, the half-rixtle piece, a silver coin, is equivalent to the value of a Bank Crown.

Prices of Goods and Services in Drache

All prices listed in Arangothian Bank Crowns. Naturally, these are only rough estimates for the basics. Specifics or imports would cause inflation of these prices.

Goods Type Base Price
Beverages Good Beer (1 gallon or 4.54 liters) 2.2
Good Ale (1 gallon or 4.54 liters) 0.8
Best Wine (1 gallon or 4.54 liters) 5.4
Pint of Good Beer (0.568 liters) 0.28
Pint of Good Ale (0.568 liters) 0.1
Glass of Best Wine (0.1 liters) 0.12
Food Spices (per pound) 10
Cheese (a pound) 0.28
Quarter of Oats (28 pounds) 12
Quarter of Wheat (28 pounds) 8
Loaf of bread (1 lb) 0.5
Loaf of white bread 0.8
Pauper's Loaf (1/5 lb) 0.06
Candles Candles (1 lb) Tallow (50 hours light) 0.6
Candles (1 lb) Beeswax (60 hours light) 3
Containers Pottery vessel (pot size) 0.2
Barrel (slack, 26 gallons, 118 liters) 1.2
Barrel (drytight, 26 gallons, 118 liters) 1.4
Barrel (watertight, 26 gallons, 118 liters) 1.8
Animals Cow 50
Pig 16
Sheep 9.2
Chicken 0.4
Draught Horse 98
War Horse 650
Riding Horse 154
Mule/Donkey 75
Weapons Knife 8
Long-Knife 18
Dagger 20
Rondel 28
Short Sword 34
One Handed Sword 50
Two-Handed Sword 75
Bow 48
Crossbow 112
12 Arrows 3.6
12 Bolts 4
Sheath/Quiver + belts 5.8
Armor Leather Armor (Full coverage) 200
Chainmaille Armor (Full coverage) 600
Plate Armor (Full coverage) 1100
Siege Weapons Small Catapult (Springald) 650
Siege Tower (very large) 6000
Midsize Magonel/Small Ballista 1300
Miscellaneous Gold Engagement Ring with Diamond 980
Small Gold Necklace 120
Wagon Load of Timber 180
Inn Room (nightly rent) 3
House (to rent for a year) 130
Wages Laborer (Daily) 1
Infantryman (Daily) 1.8
Archer (Daily) 2.2
Carpenter (Daily) 2
Knight (with own equipment) 15
Armorer (Daily) 5