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General Information
Full Name: Reske
Race: Human
Gender: Male/Female
Age: 21
Hair Color: Ash Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: Average
Weight: Light
Additional Information
Player: Autocrat/Reginlief


Reske hails from a clan of demon hunters and monster slayers, though he himself is but a novice. Lacking in the way of experience but bursting with confidence and enthusiasm, he set out to prove himself when he heard stories of a demon in the countryside. The confrontation went down with legendarily catastrophic luck and, long story short, Reske now has a demon by the name of Acearith floating around in his head. This quirky relationship has surprisingly few drawbacks but also no real benefits either, save that Reske can swap genders with Acearith for some odd reason. He can also project her as an image, though she can in no way interact with the physical world.

Rather than fight inhuman threats in his native land, Reske has resolved to see the world and experience it. He’s still more than willing to help others along the way, but Reske plans to do a little more growing first before fighting any dragons or eldritch horrors again. Unless it’s absolutely necessary to cover living expenses, in which case. .


Friendly, excitable, very enthusiastic to see the world. Reske is a big proponent of doing hero-type things, though the opportunities aren’t as common. He’s willing to do a little theft here and there because it probably is a victimless crime and also because youthful optimism doesn’t put food on the table.

Acearith is lazy, arrogant, and lackadaisical. However, she’s come to accept her present circumstance thanks in part because she can experience fine cuisine through Reske. So she’s also a glutton.

Physical Description

Reske is of average height, a light build, and a fair complexion. Hair is long and tied to a braid. Clothes are often casual, typically a great coat and beret or cap.

Abilities & Skills

Physical Attributes

Physically fit and healthy, fairly athletic.

Mundane Skills

  • Swordsmanship - Reske was trained by the elders of his family to wield a sword from an early age. While still having a lot to learn, he can successfully challenge average swordsmen and novices.
  • Knife fighting - Knife fighting was included in the training, including the ability to accurately throw a knife up to 25ft.
  • Martial Arts - Reske is trained in striking and grappling should he ever lose his weapon or need to subdue a foe. His style allows him to take on larger foes through striking vital areas and using the assailant’s momentum against them. Anything larger or better trained however will leave him hard pressed.
  • Cooking - Whether out alone on the trail or working in a kitchen to make coin, Reske has become pretty good at cooking
  • Sewing - All the better to patch clothing
  • Knitting - In case anyone needs a scarf

  • Sneakthievery - While Reske really, really wants to be a good guy. . life is expensive. Reske is proficient in picking basic, non-magical locks. A combination of needing a hobby and applying martial arts training to sleight of hand has given Reske a knack for picking pockets of the unwary and distracted, provided they are themselves untrained and unwarded. Reske’s real skill is sneaking around and stealth.

  • Reading and writing - Reske comes from a reasonably well to do family and thus has picked up these basic but important skills.

Magic Skills

  • Air Slash - Reske can use his sword to project a concentrated blast of wind up to 30ft. The wind may strike like razor blades or with concussive force. Can be imbued.
  • Imbue Sword - Reske can imbue his sword with elemental magic, to enhance its properties. Fire wreathes the blade in flame, Ice produces an aura of frigid cold, Lightning envelopes the blade in electricity, pure magic makes the blade sharper and more durable. Duration may be 5-10 minutes or until expended.
  • Vanishing Step - Reske manipulates the air around him to muffle the sounds of movement.
  • Genderswapping - Reske can swap genders but must wait several hours between uses. May happen spontaneously under duress or times of illness.
  • Projection - Reske can project Acearith up to 50ft away, able to see everything she can. She has no physical presence otherwise and can float or pass through unwarded objects. Maximum duration is 30 minutes.



  • 1xLong sword
  • 1xDagger
  • Throwing Knives


  • Cuirass
  • Gambeson


  • Adventurer stuff
  • Toothbrush?
  • Unmentionables